Is There Any Difference In Engagement Rings For Same-Sex Marriage?

Shopping for an engagement ring or engagement ring is one of the most exciting yet stressful experiences. As you are trying to finding the perfect ring for your significant other, there are a number of factors that you should consider. These are not just mere pieces of jewelry that you will be buying for your significant other rather they are a tell-tale symbol of love, togetherness, and commitment.

Some of the factors that you should consider are:

1. Whether you want your rings to match

Many couples prefer having matching rings for their wedding. If you and your partner have different tastes in aesthetics or style, you can go for non-matching rings.

2. Readymade or custom made rings?

This is another important factor that you should discuss with your partner. If you want to buy something from the store due to lack of time or other reasons, this is your go-to choice. If you have the time and resources, custom made personalized ring will speak volumes on its own.

3. What type of wedding ring do you prefer?

There are many variables when it comes to types of wedding rings. They vary from the kind of stone you want on them, the metal you prefer, etc.

4. Budgeting for the ring

This is one of the key factors in getting your partner their dream wedding ring. Some say that an engagement ring should cost three months’ salary but that is not among the Ten Commandments. You can slowly save up for the wedding ring until you get what you want. You have to balance your finances and consider this as a symbol of investment in your relationship.

5. Get the right measurements

You do not want to buy a wedding ring that will keep slipping out for being too big or one that is too small you can’t even put it on your wedding day. This could be such an embarrassing scene. It is therefore advisable you take measurements and get your rings customized to your sizes. You can also use a ring size chart or have the jeweler measure your fingers.

6. What metal do you want your wedding ring to be made of?

Your wedding rings or bands should have the metals that you are most drawn to. It is important to consider getting a metal that is durable and long-lasting.

7. Quality of metal or gems

It is also important to consider the quality of metal or gem you use for health reasons. Some people have negative allergic reactions to some metal or gems and therefore to avoid these, make sure that you purchase tested hypoallergenic rings.

Most couples prefer gold and diamond for their luxurious nature. Other metals and gems preferred are White Gold, platinum, palladium, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, titanium, steel, zirconium, green gold and tungsten.

There is no general rule that specifies the kind of engagement ring that same-sex couples should have. This is an open platform for same-sex couples and they can plan and design their rings as they please. Unlike the traditional wedding customs where the male proposes and gives the engagement ring, same-sex couples can do what they see fit for their relationship. Either both parties can decide on who is going to give the ring or they can surprise each other with dazzling diamond rings for their better half.

The decision to purchase or custom make a wedding ring comes down to the preference of the couple. Same-sex couples display their wedding rings in a number of ways such as wearing the ring on the right hand, any matching non-ring finger or the traditional left-hand ring finger. The option that feels right to the partners is what they should choose.

In a traditional wedding setting, the rings are set out to be matching but one is more feminine and another more masculine. This may limit your choices and therefore, it is easier to custom make your wedding rings which will be more special. You can choose to have matching rings or completely different rings according to your preferences.

Creating a custom ring can be a fun and exciting experience with your partner if you decide to do it together. You can consult with some of the best wedding ring designers who will help you find the perfect stone or gem for the ring.

10 Wedding Ring Designs To Shop For Your Love (and signify same-sex marriage proudly)

1. Rainbow Titanium Wedding Band



This is a wedding band for the playful and youthful type of couple. Instead of being ordinary with simple metal, chose this bright rainbow unisex band and pride your way all day all year long. You can also engrave this piece of jewelry with your names or a personal message.

2. Rainbow Tungsten Ring

Black Rainbow Tungsten


This is a handmade and unique piece of jewelry that is inexpensive and it is unisex therefore a perfect choice for gay and lesbian couples. The material is a long-lasting one and the holographic rainbow stripe in the middle adds a touch of uniqueness and modernity.

3. Pink Sapphire on 14K Rose Gold

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring in Rose Gold

Source: Shane Co.

This is a perfect design for lesbian couples. It is simple, elegant and sparkly. The ring is so adorable for people who love to express themselves.

4. Queensland Ring



With round cut rainbow sapphires combined in a star-shaped ring, this is a well-deserved ring for your better half. This ring is both inexpensive and very beautifully designed for either lesbian or gay couples

5. Copenhagen Ring in Sterling Silver



This ring is definitely one of the most beautiful yet simplistic designs which showcase your pride. It is a sterling silver band ring with round cut rainbow sapphires that make an elegant, colorful and glamorous design.

6. Antinous Engagement Ring in 14k Gold and Diamonds



This ring is based on a famous Greek love story. Antinous was a Greek youth who was known for being the lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. He was worshiped as a God and Hero by both Greeks and Romans. He also became a Symbol of Hadrian’s dream of Pan-Hellenism as well as a Symbol of Homosexuality and an illusion used by artists and writers. This ring is a majestic choice that is elegant, subtle and very luxurious.

7. Infinity Eternity Wedding Band

Infinity Eternity Wedding Band

Source: Krikawa

You can get this simple yet stylish ring in the metal of your choice. The infinity symbols are a great touch to signify the continuity of life with your partner to infinity.

8. LIVE! Musical Concert Ring

LIVE! Ring

Source: Krikawa

This is a beautifully designed wedding ring for all the rockers, punks and romantics who wish to combine their electric love for concerts and lights and memories together. It is designed like a concert stage with lights, speakers and completed with rainbow gemstones.

9. Britannia Ring by Edward Mirell

BRITANNIA Black Titanium ring


This is a one of a kind ring that is stunning and looks like it has just jumped out of a fairy tale, or a medieval romance movie. It is unique and fun and can be perfect for a nerdy and geeky couple. You can also custom engrave it to fit a personalized romantic message for your better half.

10. White and Rose Gold Diamond and Vine

Vine Patterned Engagement Ring with Round Diamonds

Source: Shane Co.

This is a heavily decorated and luxurious ring which is definitely attractive and speaks volumes when it comes to the taste of the couple. It is a breathtaking romantic choice for lesbian couples and you can engrave any message you want on it.


Buying a wedding ring is just as important as the wedding and that is why it should be planned efficiently and effectively. You may not know what kind of ring you want when you are beginning and that is okay. Before diving into the store and going in completely blank, consider exploring online to figure out what you are more drawn by. With dozens of designs to select from, you will definitely find the perfect wedding ring for you and your partner.

The reality is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding ring for same-sex marriage. The only thing that makes the wedding a lesbian wedding is that there are two women walking down the aisle.

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