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Family and friends are some of the most important people we can have in our lives. Whenever we have a rough week, an amazing week, need relationship advice or just want to hang out, they are the first people we call. They are the people who always know what’s going on with our lives and there is no better feeling than knowing they are there.

Tattoos are permanent. That sounds so obvious but you should really think things through before you get inked. For tattoos with your cousin, you need to be sure that you are both on the same page. Make sure you get something that will look cool even after forty or fifty years. You don’t want a tattoo that will change its design as you age to something not pleasing to look at.

That being said, why not take your relationship to the next level? How about some nice BFF tattoos?  For many best friends, getting matching tattoos is usually in their bucket list. Mainly, these tattoos hold a lot of sentimental value because they show how far you are willing to go for your friendship. Some even have deeper meaning like an experience shared together. Here are some ideas for you and your best friend cousin who at this point is more like a sister to you.

When you love a person and truly appreciate them being there for you in your entire life through thick and thin, that is a strong bond that you two have, what better way to show your love for each other than to have matching tattoos.

1. Diamonds are forever tattoos

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and in this case, your best friend is your cousin. The diamonds tattoos are usually designed in a heart shape and that just shows that there is love between you two.

2. Matching script tattoos

These are amazing. They are the easiest to understand their meaning because it is literally spelled out. Best friends can use these tattoos to commemorate a memory they shared, their favorite quote or something that they both enjoy. These can be made more personal by giving your tattoo artist a copy of you and your best friend’s handwriting.

3. Cool shield tattoos

These are the ideal matching tattoos for cousins or sisters or best friends. They have what looks like a shield with the word of protection to the person whom you are getting the matching tattoos with. They are a great way to symbolize your love and protection for your partners in crime and your family.

4. Design connection tattoos

This is one of the most brilliant ideas for a tattoo. This design is unique and special for people who share a very strong connection. Choose a design that you and your best friend will love and that can be split and you can have a tattoo that is only between you two.

5. Airplane and heart tattoos

This design represents love and freedom. As cute and small and minimalistic they are, they hold much deeper meaning that shows their owner’s appreciation and value for their independence and relationship.

6. Matching cats or dogs tattoos

These are perfect for best friends who sometimes consider themselves as frenemies. There will always be times when you and your cousins and friends fight over small stuff like cats or dogs but despite this, you still love and care for each other and you have got each other’s back.

Sister Tattoos For You And Your Cousin

Getting tattoos with your cousin simply solidifies all the situations both good and rough ones that you have been through together. The fights, the late-night parties, the successes, the hugs, the tears, all of these emotions being shared between people who really see through each other. Here are some of the best sister tattoos for you and your cousin.

7. Butterfly tattoo

The design of these tattoos is commonly known to represent the circle of friendship. It is designed such that it forms a circle and interestingly, in many cultures, butterflies are linked with the soul. These tattoos therefore simply pass on the message that you want to continue with your friendship forever.

8. Ankle tattoos with best friends on one heart

These are matching tattoos that you and your cousin can get to show the world how cool and fun your friendship is.

9. Anchor tattoos

These are tattoos that symbolize loyalty, hope, and honor. Anchors are known to be one of the ancient symbols to be used as tattoos. They represent the character of servicemen which are loyal, hopeful and honorable. These are all characteristics that will make your friendship and relationship go to greater heights.

10. Finger hug tattoos

These are small cut and adorable tattoos of cuddling and smiling stick figures. This design is so simple and minimalistic and perfect for friends and family who will always be there for you to hug and smile and laugh with.

11. You keep me safe and you keep me wild tattoo

This one relates to many sisters and cousins who are best friends. One of you is always out for some wild activities and is adventurous while the other one is the one who looks out for the family. The perfect combination is mostly seen as wild and quiet sisters. The tattoo gives a bold statement and stands out even more if it is written in color tattoo.

Tattoos About Best Friends For You And Your Cousin

12. Pinky promises tattoos

These tattoos are great for symbolizing all the promises that you and your cousin have kept. This design includes two hands making a pinky promise. It is also usually accompanied by some words. The most common ones are the “no matter what” and “no matter where” showing that despite the circumstances and the distance, you will still be connected.

13. The sun and the moon tattoos

Celestial bodies are usually a great choice for tattoos because they are so simple yet so gorgeous. This kind is perfect for friends who are both different from each other. The tattoos signify their unity and acceptance for each other.

14. The infinity sign with an arrow tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes protection from harm to your cousin’s best friend forever.

15. Yin Yang symbols tattoo

These tattoos are always stunning. They are common among best friends having beautiful designs and even deeper meaning that the BFFs will be there for each other during the day and at night or in times of good and bad.

Ohana Tattoos For Your BFF Cousin And You

Ohana means family and it comes from the Hawaiian culture. It includes family and friends who are so close that they think of themselves as family. It also means that family sticks together and no one gets left behind and that they always support each other. An Ohana tattoo is also one that includes the text Ohana in it. The texts are written in different designs, colors, and fonts according to the specifications of the person who wants it.

16. Inside Infinity tattoo

This one includes adding the Ohana text inside the infinity sign. It is one of the more trendy ones considered to express infinity love for your cousin. The designs range from small to large, discreet tattoos having an infinity/Ohana combination.

17. Turtle or other marine life tattoos

Marine life is often included in these designs. This design is known to represent a go with the flow kind of attitude. The turtle is also seen as a totem of positivity, endurance, and longevity, all these are important for you and your cousin’s friendship.

18. Heart design tattoos

The heart symbol represents love. To have matching Ohana tattoos with your best friend’s cousin shows that you keep them close to your heart.


Tattoos can be the ultimate expression of who you really are. It is a display of how you see the world and a representation of something special and unique that speaks to your soul. Getting a tattoo with your best cousin friend will always be a reminder of how lucky you are to be with such an amazing person who will always be there for you no matter what and no matter where you are. If you and your partner in crime are considering cementing your relationship with amazing tattoos, consider getting any of the above. Some might be small, simple and minimalistic but they hold grand meaning.

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