Nairabet Review

This article is all you need to know about nairabet.Nairabet is a leading in play bookmaker.It is reputed to be the first and pioneer ebetting site in Nigeria.

Founded by the popular internet entrepreneur Akin Alabi,nairabet have sure stood its ground in the industry and offers some of the best ethical standard of play for users.

Nairabet as far as one is concerned takes away the gambling


Presents the opportunities for sports analyst and sports lovers to bet their stake.

Getting Nairabet code

The code is *737*50 *Amount*88# but if you use other banks or prefer using the official NAIRABET USSD code, after dialling *5447# (this number must be attached to a NairaBet account)

Simply choose the ‘Fund your Account‘ option by pressing the number for it which is number 1 on your phone.

Nairabet is reputed to be the first sports betting site in Africa that will not let one game cut your ticket.

They will still pay you your expected earnings even if one game spoils your ticket.

The maximum amount to withdraw from Nairabet is 500,000 (five Hundred Thousand Naira) while the minimum is 1,000(One thousand naira only).


Your registered names should correspond with your bank account name before you can withdraw money.

Nairabet does not pay welcome bonus but have other lucrative bonuses.

In NairaBet you can only withdraw your winnings and which normally reflects in your bank account at a maximum if 24 hours on a working day.

There is no specific maximum stake on bet.

Verifying your Bank Account with Nairabet.

It takes up to five working days to verify a bank account on NairaBet.

This can be confirmed onuour account dashboard in the account setting,click bank account.

NairaBet Promotional Balance

Nairabet Monday funding madness is a promotional offer where Nairabet rewards its customers for depositing money in their online nairabet account on Monday morning.

It includes 10% of free betting for the players based on their deposit between the hours of 9.00 and 21.00 hours on Mondays.

How to cash out on your Nairabet account

Using the following steps one can easily cash out on NairaBet account.

Step 1 Visit

Step 2 log into NairaBet account.

Step 3. Go to” Accounts” or “My Accounts”

Step 4. Click on “withdraw” or “withdraw funds”

Step 5. Withdraw your money.

How to access nairabet from the US

Accessing NairaBet from the US is like accessing NairaBet anywhere else.Simply go to

Click on register

Fill in your details

Verify your account through your email

Verify your bank account details.

Wait for NairaBet to get back to you in confirmation to your details.

How does NairaBet Affiliate System Work

Nairabet operates an affiliate system called

Income access affiliate program.

This comes with technical algorithms that allow partners to easily track their affiliate campaigns and monitor events.

NairaBet have improved on their affiliate contracts.Formerly Nairabet pays only within 3months after registration of a customer but now it has been extended to one year.

To make it clearer it simply means

When someone registers as an affiliate through you you will be paid a commission on the persons wins for one year.

The commissions are as stated

N=0 to =N=199,99930%
=N=200,000 to 999,99940%
=N=1,000,000 and above50%

Its easy to sign up with the new NairaBet Affiliate Program.

Just follow this steps

Step 1. Verify an address

Step 2 .A valid ID Card like an international passport,National I’d card,Drivers license.

 Step.3 A website or social media account like interest,instagram  and so on.

Visit Affiliate registration 

Step 4 .Wait for verification.It usually takes 24 hours.

Step 5. Login to your dashboard if accepted and start.