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Nigerians in Twitter ‘hashtag battle’ on 60th anniversary

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Nigerians have taken to Twitter to mark the country’s 60th anniversary with divergent views on the progress made so far.

A hashtag battle has been going on in Nigeria on social media as people debate how to mark the anniversary.

Two hashtags #Nigeria60andUseless and #NigeriaAt60 have been trending as citizens express how they feel about the anniversary.

The #NigeriaAt60 trend appears to show citizens willing to celebrate the country’s progress so far and hope for a brighter future.

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The #Nigeria60andUseless trend appears to show citizens expressing frustration over what they call the lack of progress in Nigeria.

Meanwhile Nigeria’s President in a speech appealed for unity as the country celebrates its 60th independence anniversary.

”An underlying cause of most of the problems we have faced as a nation is in our consistent harping on artificially contrived fault-lines that we have harboured and allowed unnecessarily to fester,” President Buhari said on Thursday.

Nigeria gained independence from Britain on 1 October 1960.


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