German IT infrastructure monitoring startup CloudRadar launches data center in South Africa

CloudRadar has opened its eighth data center in Johannesburg, South Africa as part of its global expansion. The company promises predictable and stable IT security for regional businesses in the wake of a rapid digitization scramble that has marked the pandemic.

CloudRadar is one of Germany’s largest state-funded venture capital initiatives comprising over 20 tech investors. The data center set up in Johannesburg, South Africa will allow for minimal monitoring latency.

CloudRadar is used by managers, entrepreneurs, and  IT systems administrators when detecting and preventing real-time IT network issues. This helps keep the organizations running round the clock.

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Significance of the South Africa move

Nicholas Thiede, the managing director CloudRadar South Africa was upbeat over the new team assembled in Cape Town.

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CloudRadar was formed in 2016, to confront the global market in a drive to make networking and server monitoring highly accessible to businesses and organizations. While the United States, Europe, and Australia remain key markets, emerging and frontier areas are equally important. The startup currently serves 64 markets.

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