Chainsmokers Promoter Fined $20,000 for Concert That Violated COVID-19 Protocols

In July, the Chainsmokers held a charity concert in Southampton, New York, alongside Goldman Sachs executive David M. Solomon (aka DJ D-Sol). Footage from the concert appeared to show attendees flouting social distancing. Shortly after video emerged, New York’s governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, said that the Department of Health would investigate the event.

Today (October 14), Gov. Cuomo announced that the Department of Health has charged the show’s promoter, In the Know Experiences, with violating the Public Health Law “for holding a non-essential gathering and failure to enforce mask wearing.” The company is also being fined $20,000.

According to the governor’s press release, the DOH’s investigation found that over 2,150 people attended the Chainsmokers’ show, exceeding what was permitted. The press release continues, “In addition, the event was not held in accordance with other safety measures outlined in the permit application and promotional materials, and created conditions that increased the risk of spreading COVID-19 in New York.”

Gov. Cuomo said in the press release:

The Chainsmokers concert promoter is charged today with violating an Executive Order and Section 16 of the Public Health Law. As I said immediately following reports of this event, it was an egregious violation of the critical public health measures we have had in place since the beginning of this pandemic to protect New Yorkers from COVID-19. We will continue to hold people and businesses accountable for their actions and the local governments must enforce the rules or else we will hold them accountable as well.

When contacted by Pitchfork, representatives handling press for the Chainsmokers’ event offered no comment.

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