New Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart Comic Series Coming in 2021

Things are about to get even more schwifty in early 2021 with the release of Rick and Morty: World’s Apart, a new miniseries coming from The Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group, which promises to – somehow – be one of the wildest adventures the foul-mouthed, heavy-drinking mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his reluctant sidekick/Grandson Morty Smith have seen to date.

Coming off the heels of the Emmy Award-winning fourth season of the cult favorite Cartoon Network series, Worlds Apart promises the type of mind-bending, world-hopping, insane antics fans have grown to love and expect from the dimension-jumping odd couple as they take on a whole new adventure featuring recently introduced characters like the dragon Balthromaw and the cuddly fascist Teddy Rick. The artistic team working on the four-part miniseries will consist of Josh Trujillo, Tony Fleecs, Jarrett Williams, Leonardo Ito, and Crank!

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The new series, which is scheduled to release in February, will see the duo – and their dragon ally -on an escapade where only Morty can save the day. And things will only get more complicated when Teddy Rick appears on the scene to ruin Rick’s vacation plans. Knowing Rick, this means no one will be safe from the fallout of his downtime being interrupted. According to the series’ Senior Editor Robert Meyers, “Worlds Apart is one of the wildest stories we’ve told yet,” which any fan of the show or comics will know is a pretty bold statement. He’d go on to promise that this series will feature, “the kinkiest team of super-villains to ever grace a comic-book page!”

As if this new miniseries isn’t enough, it’s just the latest of a long line of Rick and Morty comics coming early next year. Fans can expect new issues of Rick and Morty Presents, Rick and Morty: Ever After, and even more in the coming months. The first issue of Worlds Apart is scheduled to hit bookshelves on February 3.

Since its 2013 premier, Rick and Morty has developed a rabid, sometimes maniacal fanbase eager to follow the madcap adventures of the titular duo. The cultural impact of the show has been so intense, that its fans were even able to convince McDonald’s to reintroduce its long-discontinued Szechuan Sauce after an season three episode revealed it was Rick’s preferred dipping sauce. Fans were so eager to get their hands on the sauce that shortages nearly caused near-riots amongst Rick and Morty die hards. The demand was so high that McDonald’s even released a statement apologizing for not anticipating the influx of fans.

More recently, Pringles has released a line of limited edition Rick and Morty-inspired potato chips, with flavors like “Look at Me! I’m Cheddar & Sour Cream!” (inspired by Mr. Meeseeks), “Pickle Rick” flavor (drawing its name from when Rick was transformed into a cyborg pickle), and “Honey Mustard Morty” (named for the series’ diminutive and put upon co-star).

So to say that the property has fervent and (literally) hungry followers would be a massive understatement and if this new miniseries really does contain some of the characters’ most outlandish adventures to date, there’s little doubt fans will be chomping at the bit to get their Szechuan Sauce-stained hands on Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart when the books begin releasing in February.

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