Former SNL Cast Member Leslie Jones Doesn’t Miss The Show

Leslie Jones revealed she doesn’t miss working at Saturday Night Live since she departed the show in 2019. The sketch comedy series has aired on NBC for 45 years. The show has launched the careers of many comedic geniuses including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Eddie Murphy, Jimmy Fallon, and many more. While SNL has had its highs and lows, it’s currently at a high, as the show’s ratings typically thrive during election seasons.

Jones first started working for SNL as a writer. She then worked her way up to appearances on Weekend Update. Jones officially joined the cast in season 40. She was known for her commanding, hilarious presence. Jones appeared in many sketches, even parodying The Apprentice contestant OmarosaShe spent 5 seasons on the show and announced she was leaving ahead of SNL season 45. Jones wrote a lengthy message on social media thanking those she worked with.

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According to ET, Jones is happy her SNL days are behind her. While viewers may miss seeing her onscreen each week, Jones doesn’t miss much about the show, with the exception of her former costar Kenan Thompson. Jones spoke specifically about the high-pressure nature of SNL, as well as the intense workload:

I don’t miss it. At all. That job was hard, man. That job was like two jobs and very restrictive too. I wasn’t very free there.

Jones is much happier at her new job hosting Supermarket Sweep. She even called the gig a “comedian’s dream come true.” Jones also noted she tried out to be a contestant before becoming a household name, making her new job that much more exciting. Since booking the show, Jones has added her own flair, even allowing contestants to design their own sweatshirts. While her presence has been missed on SNL, it’s great to see Jones on TV again, especially in a show she feels passionately about.

Jones is not the only cast member who has discussed SNL‘s work environment. Current star Pete Davidson once said the show has become toxic for him and that he often considers leaving. However, he has since done a 180 and said he’ll stay as long as they allow him to. Since SNL is such an institution, it’s easy to forget the actors and writers there have undeniably tough jobs. They must write and rehearse full 90-minute shows every week. They are expected to do research to write fresh material for the time and accurately portray well-known figures. It certainly seems like an intense job, especially after a few years at it. Fortunately, Jones has found the right gig for her on Supermarket Sweep.

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Source: ET



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