Hey everyone!
I have just began to dive into the world of creating passive income and am having a hard time pinpointing where to start and what would be best for me. I've started reading "Cashflow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki but since have learned he is not the best example and doesn't practice what he preaches. So I am looking for some clarity on where I should start.

I began my professional career working a 9-5 about 10 months ago and although I am blessed and grateful for the great job I have, I am hungry to do more for myself and not have to work a 9-5 job for 40+ years. I wake up everyday, not dreading that I have to work, but also definitely not pumped to work. I believe I should be waking up everyday psyched and motivated so that is what I am pursuing. My goal is to have my own schedule and be able to spend my time providing for my family/ loved ones, helping others, and for myself; traveling the world.

Are there any people who have experience successfully creating passive income who would be up for a 30min-1 hour call with me and/or like minded people who are also just getting started and would like to learn together?
For those who are experienced, I would be willing to pay for your time. I want this more than anything and being able to talk to someone who has been successful would be an opportunity I would make the most of.

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