Wally West is Killing The Flash Family in DC’s Dark Future

Come January, the Flash Family will be returning, but this time with a grim twist. Although their extremely tight-knit tendencies are usually one of their biggest strengths, in a not too distant future, that devotion may be their downfall. With the upcoming release of Future State: The Flash #1, it seems readers can be ready to receive a tumultuous story full of betrayal, heartbreak, and lightning-charged family rivalry; all emanating from prior Kid Flash Wally West.

West has been through a lot in his life – from being Kid Flash, to becoming the next iteration of The Flash, to being completely erased from the timeline entirely, to being the key to saving the multiverse. It’s needless to say he’s had a lot of ups and downs in his career as a superhero. But at the end of the day, regardless of circumstances he’s landed in or some of the less heroic acts he’s committed, he’s a hero and a proud member of the Flash Family. Unfortunately for dedicated fans of his character, they’re about to see their beloved speedster take a turn for the twisted once again in Future State.

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DC solicitations revealed that in January, creators Brandon Vietti and Dale Eaglesham will be returning with a new installment of The Flash, and it looks like a possessed Wally will be the focus of their dark tale. Different generations are partial to different iterations of The Flash, and there are a lot of die-hard Wally West fans out there who will most likely be heartbroken to see that after finally getting the character back in order after the Flash Forward series, it looks like he’ll be back and more desolate than ever. To make matters worse, his friends’ lives may be hang in the balance if they’re going to try to stop him. Check out the official covert art and solicitations details below:

  • Written by BRANDON VIETTI
  • Card stock variant cover by KAARE ANDREWS
  • ON SALE 1/5/21
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | 1 OF 2 | FC | DC
  • With no powers, no backup and no other choice, Barry Allen and the other former Flashes face the deadliest threat they’ve ever encountered—Wally West. Possessed by an evil force trapped for thousands of years inside the Speed Force, Barry turns to his greatest foes’ weapons to save the young man he loves like a son. In the end, how much will Barry sacrifice to save the former Kid Flash?

Wally West was just a regular kid who idolized The Flash until one day he become a speedster himself and got to be his own hero. Besides being Kid Flash, he was a founding member of the Teen Titans and has gone through more psychological trauma than most could possibly even imagine. Wally West has been through the wringer, but his speedster family has always, and will always, be there for him, minus a stint when he was unfortunately wiped from their memories and the timeline as a whole. As a valuable member of Team Flash, he would never do anything to hurt his family… at least not willingly.

So what is this mysterious evil that’s decided to take him over, why did it choose him of all possible speedsters, and why has it chosen now – or the future, that is – to reveal itself? Will his friends be able to save him? And if so, at what cost? Those answers and many more are sure to be revealed in this upcoming addition to a fan favorite saga. Readers will have to sit by and wait patiently until January for answers to their questions regarding what DC’s dark future has planned for The Flash and his friends. Until then, they’ll have to sit with the fear of what possible fate is to befall their favorite heroes.

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