Okay so I must say that I have no experience in Drop shipping, wholesaling or a Facebook monetize page. I’m not even sure that is the correct term but I’m interested in getting involved since I have the money and time. Please correct me if I’m wrong but the whole premise of:

Drop Shipping is basically an online store where people buy your product and the manufacturer/supplier ships out the product without touching the product. Am I missing something?

Liquidation Pallets/Wholesale is the same as drop shipping but you are the one handling the product and shipping it out. Again am I missing something?

Facebook Page is where you have so many followers and so many views where you can monetize it. Meaning the ads you place in the videos make you the money. Once again, am I missing anything?

I’m no expert. I feel like I have a good idea of how it works but I never dived into it. If I can do all this behind a computer then please help me out anyway possible. Thank you

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