HideoutTV & RewardXP – Passive Earning from Browser Videos

I posted my passive income stream matrix a couple weeks ago and had a few messages asking about HideoutTV paired with RewardXP.

In short, I keep HideoutTV on in the background of my monitor and make passive income from streaming videos throughout the day while I work. You earn points for every video you watch (basically some small cut of the ad revenue). Plus you can get 25 bonus points just for logging in each day. I recommend subscribing to the channels that have short videos, like "1 minute recipe" for better earning. At least that's what I do. I mute the individual tab in my browser because the video needs "sound" to earn. I also keep a small corner of the browser peeking open on my monitor so it registers as you watching.

Then after I've saved up ~1500 points, I "redeem" them to RewardXP. You can connect to other redeeming sites like Swagbucks, but the best point payout is easily RewardXP. Basically every Hideout point is worth 10x that on RewardXP (5000 hideout points = $5 gift card). Plus RewardXP lets you cash out directly to Paypal or an Amazon gift card – the ideal solution. Keeping HideoutTV on most days that I work, I earn about $5-10 per month this way. And it's almost entirely passive/operating in the background.

If you find this helpful, I'd sincerely appreciate you using my RewardXP ref link. You'll get a 5000 point starting bonus! Ref link here. Non-ref link here. HideoutTV is here.

Happy to answer questions via comment or PM. Cheers!

Edit: Screenshot of recent withdrawal from Hideout to RewardXP


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