Arrow: 10 Best Couples That Don’t Include Oliver Queen

The Arrowverse currently includes multiple shows but it all started with only one show – Arrow. Unsurprisingly, the show primarily focused on the titular superhero Green Arrow, Oliver Queen in his civil life, portrayed by Stephen Amell. Green Arrow spent most of his time fighting his many enemies, those who threatened his beloved city and people close to him.

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Despite that, the show also found time for romance. Oliver himself had many relationships, some brief, some longer – but his biggest love was Felicity Smoak in the end. However, Arrow also gave plenty of space to romantic relationships of other characters, some of which were better than others.

10 John Diggle And Lyla Michaels

John Diggle and Lyla Michaels are one of the long-lived and cutest couples on the show. They were together in the past but got separated. However, they rekindled their romance after John had started helping Oliver.

They didn’t always agree with the other person, especially when Lyla’s work for A.R.G.U.S. was concerned. Despite this, they were able to overcome their differences, got married, and had an adorable daughter Sara together. What’s great about this romance is that they’re equal to each other – both John and Lyla kick some serious ass and were able to pull the other out of trouble multiple times.

9 Thea Queen And Roy Harper

The romance between Thea and Roy also went through a series of problems. They went their separate ways several times but always found their way to each other in the end. In the beginning, it looked like there wouldn’t be much between them.

After all, they first met when Roy stole Thea’s purse – which isn’t a meet-cute. But when they both became superheroes, they grew alongside each other as people and supported the other person when the situation grew grim.

8 Ray Palmer And Felicity Smoak

It’d be easy to forget that Ray Palmer started out in Arrow. Many fans still believe that he and Felicity – who worked for him a while – were a better match than Felicity and Oliver. For one, they were close on an intellectual level – both brilliant inventors and creative minds.

They were also somewhat awkward at dealing with other people sometimes. But they supported each other and were open about their feelings – which is more than can be said about Oliver’s relationship with Felicity. If Oliver hadn’t stepped in the way, it’s possible these two could have made it work long-term.

7 Laurel Lance And Tommy Merlyn

The main problem with Laurel’s and Tommy’s relationship was that it happened at a bad time – when Oliver came back home and Laurel was slightly confused about her feelings for him. However, it was also obvious that she and Tommy came for each other, they were willing to put in the effort to make it work.

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Especially Tommy tried hard to persuade Laurel that he had changed, that he was worthy of her affection and willing to work for himself. Their mutual affection led to a bad ending in the first season when Tommy went to save Laurel and gave up his life for her – which, in return, led to Laurel spiraling into dark feelings.

6 Sara Lance And Nyssa Al Ghul

This couple proves that love can be born even in the most inopportune circumstances. Nyssa and Sara met when Nyssa took care of Sara after she had joined the League of Assassins. She helped Sara become the warrior she is today and fell in love with her in the process.

Sara clearly returned the feeling. But she still left to go see her family, proving that her loyalty lay with them in the first place, not with Nyssa. Still, the affection between them was genuine and when Sara died for some time, Nyssa grieved her and wanted to avenge her beloved’s death.

5 Felicity Smoak And Barry Allen

Speaking of people that were a better match for Felicity than Oliver, here’s another one – Barry Allen. Felicity pretty much liked Barry from the first time he appeared and proved that he was similarly intelligent – and socially awkward – as her.

His presence and Felicity’s obvious liking toward Barry also led to some pretty hilarious moments of Oliver being jealous of the younger man. Felicity and Barry clicked very well and even though they ended up as friends instead of a couple, they still shared one truly memorable dance – and a kiss together. If they weren’t already half in love with other people at this point in the story, they would have been a great couple.

4 Donna Smoak And Quentin Lance

This couple is the best example of the saying ‘opposites do attract.’ At first, it might look like Donna and Quentin didn’t have much in common. After all, he was somewhat serious and responsible while Dona… well, not always so much.

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But what brought them closer is the love for their families and their kindness. And even though their relationship didn’t last, they were sweet together before they broke up. A shame since both of them would deserve more happiness in their lives.

3 Moira Queen And Walter Steele

Just like Donna’s and Quentin’s relationship, this one also partly ended because they weren’t entirely honest with each other. Oh, and Moira also had Walter kidnapped which would make any relationship strenuous, to put it mildly.

But, there’s also the fact that before all of this happened, there was genuine love between them which is clear from their past interactions. Also, Walter had been a great stepfather to Thea even though he didn’t have to be.

2 Maseo Yamashiro And Tatsu Yamashiro

This relationship doesn’t get as much attention as it would deserve. Possibly because their love ended tragically or because both Maseo and Tatsu were supporting characters. Either way, in the past, their relationship was happy.

They were a family raising their son Akio together and loved each other. But then Akio died and Maseo couldn’t stand it so he left and joined the League of Assassins. However, some segments of love for his wife still remained in him and he seemed content when Tatsu finally granted him the death he longed for.

1 Curtis Holt And Paul Holt

Finally, here’s another broken relationship that didn’t survive the events of the show but wasn’t bad at all while it lasted. By the time the audience met Curtis, he was already happily married to Paul and they took good care of each other.

There was a genuine understanding between them. Unfortunately, it all went wrong when Curtis joined the team Arrow and began his double life as a superhero. Paul didn’t like the fact that Curtis was lying to him and risking his life and asked for a divorce in the end.

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