Brooklyn 99: 10 Best Season 3 Episodes (According to IMDb)

In the first two years it was on the air, Brooklyn 99 quickly established a fan base that loved watching Detective Jake Peralta and the rest of the crew at the 99th precinct in New York City every week. But ask any veteran fan of this cop comedy that’s about to enter it’s 8th season and they’ll tell you that season 3 was one of the best, if not, the best.

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The season may have started off slow with Captain Holt being forced out of the 99 by Deputy Chief Wuntch, but it quickly picked up once he returned. This season had some of the series best and most memorable moments and the finale easily had the series best cliff-hanger to date.

10 Maximum Security, Episode 21 (8.1)

The second episode of a 4-episode-arc to close out the season found the 99 trying to get any information they could about Figgis, the man who put a hit out on Rosa’s fiancé, Adrian Pimento. In order to do so, they sent Amy undercover in a woman’s correctional facility where Figgis’ sister was serving time to see if she knew anything. Meanwhile, the rest of the 99 set up a fake funeral for Pimento to try and catch the man that Figgis has inside the FBI. To be honest, there were better episodes in season 3 than this one that didn’t make the cut and it was really more of a filler-episode for the drawn out finale. Still funny, though – get some (high-5).

9 The Cruise, Episode 13 (8.1)

Fans were thrilled when they got to see the re-return of Doug Judy (even if the premise of the episode was a little far-fetched) as it saw Jake teaming up with his worst enemy for the first time. Jake and Amy end up on a cruise that Jake mysteriously won and as luck would have it they run into (surprise, surprise) Doug Judy. It turns out that Judy orchestrated Jake winning the tickets and got him onto the boat in order to protect him from somebody stowed away trying to kill him. Jake doesn’t buy it at first but eventually helps save Doug from the actual assassin… only to lose Judy once again, this time on a water-ski.

8 Paranoia, Episode 20 (8.2)

Maximum Security might have been the second episode of the 4-episode-finale, but the one to kick it all off was Paranoia, the episode that shockingly had Rosa and Adrian Pimento get engaged after having been dating for a total of only 2 and a half episodes.

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The girls, and Charles, go out for 3 bachelorette parties and the guys get kidnapped by Pimento who’s “paranoid” that somebody is out to kill him. He turns out to be right and once he and the 99 discover that the person who tried to kill him is a notorious mob boss named Figgis, Adrian decides to disappear until Figgis and his men are dealt with.

7 Ava, Episode 8 (8.2)

Die-hard fans of Brooklyn 99 who also happen to be fans of another Michael Schur show called Parks and Recreation will know that they hear actor Nick Offerman’s voice at the end of every episode when he says, “Fremulon”. However, nobody expected the surprise guest-star appearance of Offerman during this season’s Thanksgiving episode where it’s revealed that Offerman is an ex-boyfriend of Captain Holt. Terry’s wife, Sharon, goes into labor in the precinct (without Terry present) and Holt is forced to go to his ex (who is a doctor) and ask for his help. The dead-pan banter between Holt and Offerman couldn’t have been funnier, nor could Offerman’s beard have been more majestic.

6 New Captain, Episode 1 (8.3)

The first episode of the season had audiences a tad worried – Captain Holt had been forced to take a promotion at Public Relations and was no longer with the 99 and the new captain (Bill Hader) was a little over-zealous for the laid-back precinct.

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However, fans were gifted with the relationship of Jake and Amy that they had been hoping for for two seasons and the hilarity that their relationship immediately caused the untimely death of the precincts new captain (seriously, nobody expected Hader to be done after just one episode).

5 Oolong Slayer, Episode 4 (8.5)

He wasn’t gone for long, but the fourth episode saw the return of Captain Holt to the 99 thanks to his favorite detective, Jake Peralta and fans were thrilled to have him back and see The Vulture gone. With Madeline Wuntch and The Vulture effectively stymieing Holt and the 99 at every possible turn, the impressive catching of a serial killer that had been on the loose for decades gave Jake all the leverage he needed to push The  Vulture out of the precinct and get Wuntch off Holt’s back. This was a satisfying one – 99!

4 Bureau, Episode 22 (8.7)

The third episode of the 4-episode-finale introduced the character of Bob Andersonn (yes, that’s the correct spelling) a former colleague of Holt’s who currently works at the FBI and helps the 99 track down the man trying to kill Pimento.

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Luckily, Bob has the inside track and can help the 99 break into the FBI’s file rooms (because the man who works for Figgis is a double-agent in the FBI) and has all the information the 99 need to execute their heist. However, in classic cop-show fashion, Bob turns out to be a double-agent and the episode ends with a cliffhanger of Bob holding Holt at gunpoint – Holt was just as shocked as the audience.

3 Yippie Kayak, Episode 10 (8.8)

“Yippie Kayak Other Buckets!” While Boyle might have completely botched the classic Die-Hard catchphrase, the rest of the season 3 Christmas episode was good enough for us to forgive him (mostly). When Jake forgets to buy Charles a Christmas gift and rushes to a department store for a last-minute present, he ends up getting locked in the store with Charles and Gina while it gets robbed by some grade-A crooks. The episode is a dream come true for Jake until he and Gina get themselves captured and Boyle has to save them. Charles may have pulled it off, but again… the catch-phrase.

2 Halloween III, Episode 5 (9.0)

All hail Queen Amy, an amazing detective/genius. The third installation of the Halloween Heist once again found Jake and Holt at ends with one another over a bet to decide who is the ultimate detective/genius and added the twist that they would both try to steal the same item, a crown. However, when neither of them chose Amy for their heist-team and made her feel excluded, she took it upon herself to prove to both of them that she was the most amazing detective/genius. And she made Jake puke 4 times in the process – that’s revenge done right.

1 Greg & Larry, Episode 23 (9.0)

The final episode of the fourth season was easily one of the best episodes of the series up to that point (and still is several seasons later) and for multiple reasons. The 99 was able to rescue Holt from Bob’s clutches and tricked him into turning over all of the information that they needed to bring down Figgis and his crime organization. All seemed to be right with the world and the 99 were finally going to end a season in a great place – until Jake receives a phone call from Figgis, where he tells Jake that he’s going to kill both him and Holt. The episode ends with the cliffhanger of Jake and Holt in witness protection in Florida living under the aliases of “Greg” and “Larry”. Season 4 couldn’t come soon enough.

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