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Mary Poppins is a whimsical and charming Disney movie, which is why the film has become so iconic. The movie is one that the entire family can enjoy and find something to relate to, and a big reason for that is because of how fun and likable the cast of characters are.

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Whether it’s the adults or the children, the characters in this movie, much like all Disney films, are very easy to find fun. Of course, every character offers their own individual personality and because of that some of them are more likable than others, but there is certainly a redeeming quality to be found in all the lead roles.

10 Mr. Dawes. Sr

When it comes to likability there is no doubt that Mr. Dawes. Sr is the least likable character to appear. Despite the fact that he’s not actually in the film for that long, he certainly leaves a lasting impact with how cruel natured he is, with his only thoughts revolving around money.

His decision to try and snatch money away from Michael simply because he wants to spend it on feeding the birds shows all the characteristics need to know that he is not a likable person. He has grown old and grumpy, and in a film full of happiness and imagination, he stands out as very unlikeable.

9 Constable Jones

It is not that Constable Jones is an unlikeable character, he is just not showcased anywhere near as much as other characters in the movie and because of that, he ranks lower down. Constable Jones is a kind character overall as he shows patience and understanding with the Banks family.

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No matter what the situation is, Constable Jones is always there for the family and manages to get along with everyone. His kind attitude makes him a hit with audiences, which is understandable, with his pleasant personality being great to watch.

8 Uncle Albert

Uncle Albert is actually the relative of Mary Poppins and he is someone who is certainly very likable and very memorable. He is quite a wild character and the things that happen within his house are very unexpected, and while they are quite randomly placed within the movie, that doesn’t stop it from being a ton of fun.

He doesn’t impact the overall story too much, but what he does do is bring laughter and enjoyment to the movie. Because of that, he is very easy to like and that’s why it’s no surprise that he becomes one of the most popular characters.

7 Winifred Banks

The mother of any family is always an important role, and that is certainly the case with Winifred Banks. While she doesn’t spend quite as much time with her family as she should, instead, pushing her political hopes, and that does make her slightly less likable than some of the other characters.

However, she is certainly a very kind person who always tries her best with others and wants to be nice to people and those are very likable traits that make her a likable character on the whole. If only she had slightly more screentime, she could have been an even more important part of the story.

6 Ellen

Ellen is the housemaid for the Banks family and she is one of the funniest characters in this Disney classic. She might only have a supporting role, but Ellen is hilarious, offering a lot of funny comments throughout the film. She doesn’t hold back her thoughts and that’s what makes her so great.

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Ellen is loyal and does her job to the best of her ability, which is another reason why she’s so likeable. But it really is her fun spirit and slight grumpiness, which is shown in a comedic manner that makes her such a great character overall.

5 George Banks

Sure, George Banks has got his flaws, but deep down he’s an incredibly kindhearted man who ultimately wants what is best for his family. While it might take him a while to get there due to how wrapped up he is within his work, seeing him go on that journey is one of the most engaging parts of the film.

He’s stubborn and set in his ways at the start of the film, but by the ending, he’s happy to fly a kite and remember what it’s like to let himself go. George proves how fun he can be and seeing him eventually come around is what makes him such a great character.

4 Jane Banks

Jane Banks is one of the lead characters in Mary Poppins, and she is easily one of the most fun child characters in Disney movies. She quickly wants to make Mary happy and tries her best to mimic her and act as mature as possible, which is charming to watch.

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Jane is very kindhearted and simply wants to make her family happy. She always does her best, no matter what is asked of her, and that is why she’s so much fun to watch and comes across as such a likable character.

3 Michael Banks

Michael Banks is a really cheeky chap, and that is something that makes him incredibly likable. Much like his sister, Michael is always wanting to be involved, but he causes slightly more mischief, in a nice way, and that does make him stand out a little more than Jane.

Whether it be running around with Bert or desperately trying to learn to snap his fingers, Michael is just a lot of fun to watch. He brings tons of energy to the movie and that instantly makes him one of the most likable characters.

2 Mary Poppins

The lead character of the movie is played to perfection by Julie Andrews. She strikes the right balance of being firm but fair. Mary Poppins doesn’t allow the children to run around like crazy and certainly runs a tight ship, but there’s also time for fun and Mary herself is a very kind person.

While her sternness at times can halt her likability, there is no denying that at her core, Mary is all about helping others. She comes to the Banks family in their hour of need and leaves when things are practically perfect, having a lasting impact along the way with her good heart and sweet disposition.

1 Bert

When it comes to sheer likability there is only one character that can take the top spot within this movie and that is Bert. Dick Van Dyke brings all of his loveable charm to this role and helps to make Bert far more than just a supporting comedy part.

He’s a character that is jam-packed with heart, compassion, and kind energy. He does his best by everybody that he encounters and really tries his hardest to make sure everyone is as happy as possible. With his infectious laugh coupled with his hardworking attitude and desire to always have fun, Bert is certainly the most likable person in the film.

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