The Office: 10 Things About Dwight Schrute That Still Don’t Make Any Sense

When one talks about some of the best sitcoms of all time, it goes without saying that The Office would inevitable be a part of this discussion. After all, the fact of the matter is that this show quickly came into its own as one of the most unique shows around, playing with its mockumentary in the most creative ways possible to create an absolutely must-watch experience that will stand the test of time as one of the most legendary shows of all time.

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One of the major reasons why The Office is so memorable is because of its brilliant cast, with Dwight Schrute being a massive highlight in this regard. Even with the context of a show like The Office, Dwight Schrute is still easily one of the most eccentric characters on the show, with his actions being so inscrutable due to their odd nature that they easily become one of the highlights of the entire show. That being said, there are still some facets of Dwight Schrute that make no sense whatsoever upon a closer look, with ten things in particular that warrant a lengthy discussion.

10 Dwight’s Fire Drill Was Completely Unnecessary

Dwight’s impromptu fire drill might easily be one of the best moments in the entire show, but one can’t deny the fact that it wasn’t required at all, given the fact that the employees have already following the rules of a fire drill to a T before.

In Season 2, there’s an episode where Ryan accidentally starts a fire. However, aside from Michael, literally no one in the office panics. Everyone evacuates in an orderly fashion, which should be proof enough of the fact that the employees aren’t as lackadaisical as Dwight thought them to be.

9 The Identities Of The Four Co-Workers That Dwight Dislikes

There’s an episode in Season 2 where the Scranton employees are called in for a drug check. In this episode, Dwight talks about how he generally likes all his coworkers… save for four exceptions.

While Jim is an obvious suspect — especially so early on in the show’s run — the other three identities are a complete mystery. Ryan seems to be a strong candidate due to Michael’s fondness for him… but then anyone from Kevin to Meredith could be a part of his hate list as well.

8 The Fact That He’s Still Hired In The Company Begets A Proper Explanation

There are several questionable things that Dwight has pulled off over the course of his tenure in Dunder Mifflin. From shooting a gun to causing a fire hazard — there are several incidents that would’ve led to a firing for the average person.

And yet, for some reason, he’s still managed to retain his employment at Dunder Mifflin, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

7 Everyone Congratulating Him For Becoming A Regional Manager

Dwight might be a good worker, but his authoritative side tends to get a bit too overbearing whenever he assumes a managerial role. This could be seen during his incumbent role as manager when he was constantly on every employee’s case and never gave them any breathing room.

Yet, when he’s chosen to be the next Regional Manager at the end of the show, everyone just ends up congratulating him instead of fearing the authoritative tendencies that he’s already displayed before. This makes no sense whatsoever.

6 Did Dwight Ever Care About Michael, To Begin With?

Speaking of Regional Managers, one can’t deny that Dwight and Michael did share a personal bond that was quite endearing to watch indeed.

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However, one has to ask the question — did Dwight really consider Michael to be a friend? After all, he was constantly on the hunt for a promotion, something that Michael had constantly taken away from him time and time again. The friction between these two could certainly have overshadowed their veil of friendship… if it even existed in the first place.

5 He Could Get Rid Of Toby When Michael Couldn’t

After becoming the Regional Manager, Dwight ended up making some pretty radical changes, including the firing of Toby.

This is quite an achievement… and perhaps somewhat suspicious since Michael could never get rid of Toby during his tenure at Dunder Mifflin for the longest time. It’s certainly quite suspicious indeed.

4 The Circumstances Behind Dwight And Angela Dating

At a glance, one might understand why Dwight and Angela are perfect for each other. Both individuals are extremely authoritative, dominating… and downright weird at times.

However, the exact time when they started dating is up in the air. They randomly started hooking up from Season 2 onwards, but the catalyst that sparked their relationship is never really revealed.

3 Angela Trusting Dwight After He Killed Her Cat Is Hard To Believe

Anyone who’s a cat person can relate to the fact that having a pet die is an extremely horrible ordeal to go through, made even worse if the animal died under someone’s care. However, what makes it inexcusable is if the person you trusted with your pet was the one who killed them in the first place!

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This is exactly what Dwight did with Angela’s cat… and yet, at the end of the day, they still decided to pair them up by the end of the series, which is quite weird indeed.

2 Dwight’s Fascination With Pop Culture Is Certainly Odd

For someone who’s stayed true to his roots and lives in a rather rural farm estate, it’s surprising just how much Dwight is well-versed when it comes to the rather nerdy aspects of pop culture.

It’s almost as if the writers wanted someone in the show to be a bit of a nerd, and Dwight seemed like the only good candidate… even after considering his rural-ish upbringing.

1 It’s Hard To Believe That Dwight Is A Good Salesman

It’s simply not possible for someone as socially inept as Dwight to be a good salesman. He has absolutely no conversation skills whatsoever and usually ends up missing the most obvious tells in a conversation.

So, for this person to be one of the highest performers in Dunder Mifflin seems highly suspect, and feels like a hamfisted plot device to justify his misplaced sense of self-importance in the show.

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