No regrets, no excuses.’ Try to count how many times you’ve heard this phrase or even said it over and over again to yourself. How many times did you say the words ‘I’d love to pursue my dreams, but…but…but.’

You recite thousands of ‘buts’ daily, agree? Eventually each one of us even starts to talk this way: ‘It’s all about circumstances’, ‘I need these hard times to stop’, ‘Next Monday I…’, ‘Tomorrow for sure…’ etc.

Every single time you want to get something that seems unreachable, you try to find the reason you still haven’t attained it. Why do we always tend to find the excuses instead of the way to achieve our dreams? It’s a dead-ender.

Those who alter the truth reading this, please keep calm! We all do this. Sooner or later, frequent or often. We all build the borders around our dreams and wishes. We all let excuses steal our dreams.

Today is the best time to start and stop making excuses. Not tomorrow or the time you will finally feel motivated.

Below are list of excuses that can tarnish your dream:

 1. “I’m not an expert”

Nobody is an expert in the beginning.  There’s an old saying that goes “Every master was once a disaster.” That’s true. Wherever you are, begin there. You’ll discover that most of the experts aren’t that expert either. You learn more of what you need to know along the journey.

2. “I’m too young/too old/too black/too white/too female/too male/too anything”

Have you ever considered that everything you consider to be a liability is really one of your better assets? The world is looking for something different. The things that are the same are already out there. There is room for you.

3. “It’s tough in this economy”

When isn’t it tough?  If you want to be real about it, most fortunes are made in times of crisis – when people are looking for answers. Further, you have to be careful not to measure the world by your own situation. Just because you might be lacking in some areas, doesn’t mean others are and doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to pay you well for your solutions.

4. “People don’t support my dream”

Who cares? “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” is what the Bible says. It doesn’t say, “What your friends think you are, you are.” The opinion that determines your path is your own. The support of other people comes and goes. If you really crave it, don’t worry. It will come back once you’re successful.

5. “It’s risky, what if I fail?”

You might fail. Can’t lie to you. Remember, however, that failure is an occurrence and not a person and not permanent. You just keep going. Persistence is the only thing that has a perfect track record. Persistence never fails.

6. “I will do it one day, I don’t have time right now”

This is maybe the most common out there today. “One day” has stolen more potential than any other two words except “I can’t.” Why not today? Even if you can’t get there today (I hope your dream is too big to accomplish in a day!), you can take steps. Take a step each day. You’ll get there in time if you don’t quit.

7. “I probably can’t beat the competition”

There’s no way to know unless you try. Half of your competition is probably sweating the day the light bulb goes on for you anyway. They know they’re vulnerable in some major ways.  They’re just hoping nobody notices.  Instead of thinking about what happens when you lose, think about how sweet it will be when you win!

The more you understand yourself, the more silence there is, the healthier you are. —Maxime Lagacé

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