Are you dating the right guy? It’s hard to tell, especially when you’re stuck in relationships and don’t know what you want from your man.

What are you looking for in your partner? Does he want to be with you forever and ever?

Most women can’t find the right answers. But there are some tricks to tell if you’re ready to marry a certain guy. These signs will help you to find out if you two are bound for life.

Here is a list of qualities you should pay attention on:

1. He’s a good teammate

Fighting for something together is always good than fighting with each other. You both can improve and inspire each other achieving your dreams. If you are a good team – be sure, he will be there for you whenever you need it.

2. He doesn’t try to change you

Even the silliest things you do seem cute to him. He won’t judge your unusual lifestyle and weird friends. He appreciates you for who you are and understands that you’re two completely different people with different past.

3. He cares about your family

You marry not only a person, you also marry his/her family as well. If he calls your parents with no effort, enjoys visiting them and easily gets along with them – this is the right guy. Pay more attention on the relationship between your family and your boyfriend and make the right decisions.

4. You’ve survived a long-distance relationship

This is great challenge for any couple. You love each other very much and believe everything is possible. You both are ready for necessary sacrifices, knowing everything will be OK when you get back together.

5. It’s OK for you to plan the future with him

You feel confident about it. The thought of spending the rest of your life together and having kids with him doesn’t scare you both and even gets you excited.

6. You trust each other and don’t have any secrets between the two of you

Trust is one of the most important qualities in a relationship. You don’t have to hide anything from your boyfriend. You can share any secret with him without feeling embarrassed. And you can be sure, he won’t judge you.

7. He appreciates spending time with you

Hanging out with a company of friends is always fun. But every healthy couple needs some quality time together. It helps you to fix some relationship problems or just enjoy spending time together without unnecessary audience.

8. He satisfies you in bed

This just can’t be ignored. Being sexually comfortable with each other means a lot. Also it’s important to talk openly about your sex life. That’s what makes a strong and long-lasting relationship.

The more you understand yourself, the more silence there is, the healthier you are. —Maxime Lagacé

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