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Marketing and promotion is no doubt ‘a must’ if you must get ahead with your products and services,but marketing no doubt can be expensive and that has been a major set back in many organizations especially the MSMEs.

People need to be aware of your products and services.The marketing structure have changed in recent history with the innovation of the internet and social media.Statistics of marketing resuts show that internet and socialmedia publicity an marketing make up to 70% of Branding of an organization and 50% of all marketing success.

Affordable Marketing makes all the difference.With this problem seems to be met.

Toppisales offers different categories of affordable marketing ranging from free listing to monthly and yearly packages all within the reach of the MSME starter.

Toppisales covers the whole aspect of digital marketing ranging from SERP,search engine ranking for your products where your products can easily be spotted by the search engines if listed on

This offers easy access to your products once listed.

And the best part?

Its totally free.

Affiliate Marketers can take advantage of the opportunity and list their affiliate product and LINK on

However the PRO category of toppisales offers you even more.How more?

One sponsored post a month that is optimized for the search engines SEO to pick easily for your product search online.

This is the best part,the sponsored post and your free listing on toppisales are distributed to over 300 social media and article websites daily.WOW!

That’s not all,at the end of the month your monthly traffic stats re sent to your and a report of the demography of your most interested clients are also sent along.

There you can be able to know where your prospective clients are and follow up on other forms of marketing to engage them or join our premium category where targeted social media and online ads campaigns are done to target them.

Finally we have the premium where all of the free and PRO services are offered and additionally unlimited sponsored posts and targeted advertising campaigns and CRM (customer relationship Management) follow up is done on potential clients and clients.

For our PRICING visit toppisales pricing for more.

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