Biotikum nominated as Falling Walls finalist


The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative in partnership with BioCiTi has congratulated Biotikum for the nomination as a Falling Walls Venture finalist. The Falling Walls Venture initiative serves as a  global platform for promising science-driven startups nominated by academic institutions worldwide. The format offers a stage for the pioneer founders to successfully turn science into business while trying to prove how entrepreneurial solutions help in solving today’s most pressing challenges.

Annually emerging companies compete against global industry clusters for the prestigious title of Science Start-Up Breakthrough of the Year. Biotikum was nominated for these awards by a person who believes in the company’s great potential. The company looks to break the wall of unsustainable farming practices across South Africa.

Biotikum’s Founder and CEO Dr. Neveling stated that “ The foundation has provided Biotikum with a platform to be exposed to the international community.” Presently, the company operates in South Africa with the intent to gain exposure with the international community.

Biotikum is one of the incubatees of BioCiTi Labs.

Source: CiTi

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