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Can you get all in this advanced grammer test?

Can You Pass all questions in this advanced grammer test?

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It was the first canal of the US artificial waterways built -------- the Great Lakes with sea.

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Up to the present time, oceanographers ------ lots of seafloor mountains they -------- existed.

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If weather forecasters -------- warnings of storms on time telecommunications companies -------- to take steps to protect their satellites.

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Much health education in recent years ------- towards the view that heavy drinker ------- subject for amusement but for practical help.

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Julius Caesar ------- a great historian if the making of history ------- him the time and the inclination to write it.

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Until the eighteenth century comparative linguistic studies did not progress ------- beyond the stage where ancient Greek and Roman grammarians had left them.

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The results of last weekend’s poll have ------- to be announced and officials say it could be -------- week before they are

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-------- a celebrity arrives in Istanbul, the first question reporters ask them is ------- they like Istanbul

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A combination of imagination and determination -------- Peter -------- entirely new lines of research concerned with the way animals survive extreme environmental conditions

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If I -------- the choice of making either an oral or a written report, I -------- the second alternative.

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She keeps saying that she has got -------- patience with kids, but forgets that she didn’t have -------- before she gave birth to her own kids.

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