Conversation Lab Strike Another Partnership With ADvTech Brands


TechInAfrica – Frequent partner of AdvTech school brands Conversation Lab again approved a collaboration with Evolve Online School, the latest addition to the private education provider.

Conversation Lab has previously worked with IIE’s Varsity College, Vega, Rosebank College, Abbotts Colleges, Crawford International and Trinityhouse in a deep strategic partnership, as well as including Elkanah House, Greenwood Bay College and Glenwood House schools last month.

Evolve welcomed Grade R until Grade 9 students on January 2021 in virtual learning.

Germari Eksteen, brand and sales manager for Evolve Online School, said: “We needed to hit the ground running and chose Conversation LAB as trusted AdvTech partners with deep category expertise and knowledge to guide us through launch and beyond. EdTech is moving at pace, and we couldn’t be happier with breadth of offering Conversation LAB brings.”

“AdvTech continues to lead in the private education space in Africa, based on their reputation for maintaining the highest quality academic excellence. During last year’s lockdowns, the group lost not a single academic day, and even attracted new enrolments as a result of their superior online offering,” said Uyanda Manana, Conversation Lab SA MD.  

“While the development of their online school has been some time in the making, the huge demand for academic excellence in the online space demonstrated the tremendous demand for a school such as Evolve, which offers an MIT-developed programme complemented with real-world engagement for students. We are very excited to partner with such a cutting-edge brand as Evolve Online School. Where others follow, AdvTech leads.”


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