Digital SA Nation cooperates with Microsoft SA in new digital space


Digital SA Nation (SAtion) has collaborated with Microsoft South Africa to create a new crop of digitally skilled South Africans. The introduction of a Digital Skills Hub looks to promote digital literacy, upskilling, and skills transfer with the intent of closing the skills gap. The newfound partnership looks to create socio-economic transformation in the continent.

Opportunities created by this new partnership will see citizens operate effectively in this digital space. SA Nations’s Digital Skills Hub will run 3 initiatives: the Global Skills Initiative, Mahala, and the Microsoft Cloud Society– where each offers different opportunities for South Africans to acquire digital skills.

Under the Mahala Initiative, young South Africans aged 8 to 24 will sign up for a full  Microsoft Office 365 at no charge. The portal will enable them to activate Microsoft licenses on Microsoft Office 365 suite OneDrive cloud-based storage (5TB). Those interested in cloud computing can opt for the  Microsoft Cloud Society initiative. The Global Skills Initiative targets unemployed or South Africans who are economically disadvantaged.

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