E-Business Training

SmartRobotics engages in e-Business youth training and empowerment programmes in Nigeria to enhance youths to better utilize ICT skills.

The training is aimed at addressing youth unemployment in lagos state as the programme provided skills and knowledge for the teeming youths to enable them become self-reliant and economically independent particularly in the area of information communication technology (ICT).

The training Program is relevant to everyone from people looking for IT related jobs ,to people still thinking about setting up their own company ,also small business owners who already have considerable experience of running their own company and who are in the habit of using technology in their daily work.


  • People who work for a small business, or they are planning to open their own micro-enterprise
  • People who are interested in working in businesses requiring ICT skills.
  • They are interested in business but they may or may not be familiar with basic business concepts.
  • They use some technology in their business or for personal purposes but they do not maximize the use of latest technology in their work.
  • They are interested in learning how ICT can help them run their business
  • They are interested in brief, practical and hands-on training
  • They are interested in exchanging ideas and networking with other entrepreneurs from their community.

At the end of the training, participants are expected to learn how to do businesses online, market their goods, and provide services as well as proper usage and management of social media platforms.

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