How ​ ​To ​ ​Invest ​ ​With ​ ​Little ​ ​Funds


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The word ‘Investments’ usually sounds like putting in a lot of money into a venture or an asset.It may leave one with the feeling of a future task.However it will be worthy to note that investment can take as little as N5,000.

Before investments should usually come savings.On the other hand saving may be regarded as a form of investment.

There is an online automated saving scheme that would enable one to do savings easily.

Other avenues to invest with little funds is through mutual funds.

Mutual Funds are portfolio investments,which means they pol cash from several investors to invest into other channels like stocks,bonds,treasury bills etc.

The profits from the funds are shared to investors periodically or as stipulated.It serves as a good form of saving and investment.

One may start with as low as N5,000.Examlples are ARM money market fund,Stanbic-IBTC Money market fund,FBN Heritage Fund,etc

Buying Stocks and shares from listed companies.

SME and start up investment.Proper documentation with your friend or start up on profit sharing in the business after putting your funds.

However it is high risk because the profit is uncertain.

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