Moya looking to be a top mobile money provider with Super-App


Moya is working on becoming South Africa’s largest mobile money provider with evolution into a Super-App. Datafree Africa is the company that develops and administers the Moya App. According to the CEO Gour Lentell, Datafree’s platform works in two ways – new payments service MoyaPayD with a sub-part on the sale of its reverse billing software B2B SaaS service.

There are three main parts to Datafree’s business – Moya’s main platform MoyaPayD and a new sub-part through the sale of its B2B reverse billing software. The main value proposition for the platform is the name that indicates users don’t get to pay for data. The platform offers features that Lentell has modeled on platforms like WeChat. Among the features included are Discover (for data-free content), unlimited texting and voice calling, a payment service, and a group chat.

The CEO revealed that the app boasts close to 5 million active South African users of whom 2 million use the platform daily. MoyaPayD launched two and half weeks ago with over 535,000 people pre-registered before its launch.

The company is carrying out a marketing programme in Soweto to seed into hubs of use where marketing targeting potential users such as tradespeople, enterprises, and businesses is taking place. Soon, a rollout of a web API will allow merchants to make payments at a standard %1 fee. Companies will also receive Moya Team Paid for staff payments. The security sector in South Africa employs 20,000 to 30,000 people. Non-South Africans who face trouble opening bank accounts due to lack of ID will also benefit.

Source: balancingact-africa

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