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My Isekai Life Episode 4: Blue Dragon Grows Stronger! Release Date


Jul 16, 2022 ,

You may be excited to learn more about Yuji’s journey, but it looks like he might find himself in a jolting state in My Isekai Life Episode 4. Well, he should be as he has finally defeated the Earth dragon, and now he will continue his quest. But it’s interesting to see him fight with the blue dragon. Will he survive?

Now in the upcoming episode, Yuji will know about the blue dragon’s condition and will wonder how they will deal with it. Meanwhile, his slime will try to find more about the blue dragon. Back to Yuji, he will work on his skills. Keep reading to know more.

My Isekai Life Episode 4

My Isekai Life Episode 4: What Will Happen Next?

Yuji will continue his adventure in My Isekai Life Episode 4, titled “Truly Unusual Situations.” With the help of his slimes, he learned that the blue dragon continues to grow larger. So he decides to take the deadliest step that will help him save the other adventures from falling prey to the blue dragon’s tricks. He, along with Tina and Lisa, will decide to chase the blue dragon, leading them to an unknown location.

With the help of Sage’s power, he will detect the exact location of the blue dragon while crossing paths with the other guilds. Steyl will ask Yuji to return soon as he has much to learn from the Dagger of Kethis book. We can expect a gigantic battle between Yuji and the blue dragon. Meanwhile, Yuji will remember his past, which will keep confusing him.

My Isekai Life Episode 4

A Quick Recap!

Previously in My Isekai Life Episode 3, Yuji, Tina, and Lisa continued to track the rock dragon. Soon the sky and moon turned blue as the cultist’s prophecy had told, and out of the blue, a blue dragon appeared. So the trio reached the nearby Delight Canyon for shelter. But the rock dragon emerged and blocked Tina, Lisa, and Yuji’s way. In order to escape, Yuji used a fire spell to burn their obstacle- the Earth dragon. Now only the skeleton remained, and the bounty on Gelios paid them 14 million gold for the dragon skull.

Later, Guild Chief Rayard and Grand Cathedral representative Father Steyl called Yuji for a meeting. Steyl told him that as per the church legend, the dragon emerged and destroyed the entire continent before a divine emissary defeated it. But the divine emissary rivaled God’s power. However, a week before the dragon’s emergence, the church again performed a summoning ceremony to cause the divine emissary to appear. But it never happened. So Rayard ordered the guild to deal with the dragon without the emissary. Steyl gifted Yuji a church relic that focused on magic power.

My Isekai Life Episode 4

My Isekai Life Episode 4: Release Date

My Isekai Life Episode 4, titled “Truly Unusual Situations,” will air on July 18, 2022, at 8 pm JST. It will be available to stream on Japanese Local Networks such as Tokyo MX, AT-X, BS Ruji, and BS NTV. It will finally reveal Yuji’s move and how he will manage to fight the blue dragon. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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