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15 Tips for Balanced Betting: Managing Your Bankroll Effectively

15 Tips for Balanced Betting: Managing Your Bankroll Effectively

Winning more money and being able to stay in betting activity for long are the two main determiners of success in sports betting. These objectives become easier to attain when the bettor resorts to balanced betting. Managing bankroll is an important part of balanced betting. By adopting good practices of bankroll management, a bettor can reduce risk, bet in a disciplined manner and have more money in hand anytime. 


Success in betting is difficult but not impossible. The bettors can practice balanced betting to attain success. Considering betting as just like any other business is a good starting point. In this post, let’s take a look at the best strategies that can help the punters manage their bankrolls well and become an expert in balanced betting.

  • Research the match in-depth: Find out the teams’ composition, records of previous matches, home win and away win percentage, latest performance pattern and so on. It helps recognize the stronger team. As a result, the bettor will know which side to pick and where to put money.
  • Make a fool-proof budget: It is a cruel fact that betting does not always result in a win. Almost 80% of instances are such where the bettor loses the bet to the bookmaker. Thus, the bettor should fix a betting budget before starting the session. And most importantly, he should stick to the budget at all costs.
  • Divide the budget into tips spread: Tips spread is the amount you intend to assign to each bet. It is calculated by dividing the total budget amount by the total number of bets you intend to try. Or, you can divide the budget by assigning a percentage of the betting budget to each bet. For example, if you have chosen to bet $1000 in various matches, you can assign 2% of $1000 to each bet. Thus, you will put $20 on each bet. 
  • Don’t mix personal expense and betting budget: One of the most important steps to take to manage bankroll is to treat betting as a full-fledged business. The bettors should not stress the personal expense budget and use the money for daily expenses in betting. It can wreak havoc in one’s life and things can go awry if they lose all the money. So, discipline and self-control are a must to practice when keeping the money aside for betting.
  • Bet within financial limits: Bettors may come across temptations like dream tournaments or a betting event with a big prize pool, even if it means betting at high cost. Such instances are sure to make a person bankrupt faster, especially when he has limited information in hand about the event. Sticking to a betting budget is important and one should choose only those bets which are easy on pocket.
  • Avoiding chase of losses or tempting bets: Not all days are lucky or promising, it is a common observation. Hence, moving with caution on such days is very important. The bettors should not bet double on the ensuing bet to cover previous losses when the losing spree sets in. Instead, they can call it a day and move ahead with a fresh perspective some other time.
  • Perform statistical analysis: The success in betting depends upon the clarity on the side to choose and complete knowledge about the game. Statistical records are the goldmine of information and help the bettors know the actual favorite team. Deciphering the numbers and putting money on deserving teams is a good way of limiting losses and managing the bankroll.
  • Maintain betting journals: There are betting journaling and gambling apps available which help the bettors keep a record of their betting activity. The bettors can understand their betting pattern or winning strategy from the bet and make informed decisions. It is useful for sound bankroll management.
  • Reducing the bet amount at times: Betting amount should not take upward move only always. There are times when reducing the bet amount can prove to be a wise decision. So, when you find the odds confusing, you can choose to limit the bet amount and save money.
  • Assess your financial condition: Betting comes with an additional financial burden. So, you must be clear about your current financial status. Betting should not come in your way of buying that house, or clearing that long-standing debt. Prioritize wisely and then decide whether the time is right for betting or not.
  • Bet on limited bets: Online betting allows bettors to pick lots of matches and bets in one go. Giving into this temptation can be harmful for the bankroll as it can cause lots of losses. Choose bets which you can comfortably research about or have in-depth knowledge of to limit the loss.
  • Choose the well-known tournaments: Bettors make a mistake of live betting strategies on games or tournaments which they know nothing about. They simply consider the odds and returns while betting. Instead of doing this, they can manage expenses better by choosing the tournaments which they follow most often and closely.
  • Betting against odds often: When you defy an odd, the returns are quite higher. But it is quite risky. It is necessary to find the value in a bet, if it exists to make money or to grow bankroll. 
  • Avoiding parlay bets: Parlay bets are the bets where a combination of bets is to be picked. Each bet has to result in a win for the combination bet to win. If you are seeking balance in betting, it should be avoided as the risk involved is quite high.
  • Listen to tipsters and create your own money line: Tips available show the prevailing sentiment among the experts. So, those can be a reliable indication. Create your own money line and match it with the predictions made. It can help you have a safe approach and find value in a bet as well.


Betting can turn out to be an enjoyable activity if you have done it sensibly. By learning the ways to manage bankroll, you can maximize fun and monetary returns from betting. Whenever in doubt, you can choose to take tips from sites like where the hit rate is more than 80%. It can help manage bankroll wisely, which is quite essential for balanced betting.

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