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Avoiding Common Mistakes: Tips for Successful Football Predictions

Mistakes in football betting can cost the bettors heavily. They can become bankrupt in no time if they don’t practice caution. The most common mistake is to bet on multiple games at a time without conducting good research. So, it is better to be aware of the mistakes which go unnoticed mostly. What is the recipe for making successful football predictions, find out in this post.


Football betting has seen an exponential growth with the availability of betting sites online. The easy availability of matches to bet upon without leaving the comforts of home has brought to the bettors uncountable opportunities, However, with these opportunities comes the risk too. There are a few very common mistakes that bettors start making when they are served with the multitude of choices. Some of such mistakes and the tips for successful football predictions are:

  • Betting on every possible game: It just takes a click to bet on any event these days. So, it can be quite tempting to the bettors and they may hop on the betting spree without applying their minds. A better approach will be to pick two to three bets at once and analyze them thoroughly and then put money. It reduces the losses and brings in discipline in the betting process.
  • Following the crowd: The betting odds tend to change with the passing time. It happens due to new developments taking place during the tournament. The bettors feel safe doing what the majority of fellow bettors are doing. However, the common observation is that only 10-15% of the bettors succeed in betting. So, aren’t you going on the losers’ side by following the crowd? Think about it and follow what your research and analyzing abilities tell you.
  • Betting without a plan: How much money to invest on betting? Which side to pick? Which bets to pick? Answers to all such questions should be clear in your mind before starting to bet. These questions form a part of a betting plan and allow bettors to invest on football betting systematically. They can make successful football predictions when they research all these factors.
  • Betting with emotions: A bettor is a human first and humans tend to act out of emotions. For instance, a bettor may have stark loyalty towards a player like Christiano Ronaldo and may tend to back his team. However, the team’s records may not be strong enough to deserve your backing. So, while betting professionally, the bettors should avoid making decisions out of betting and act based on facts.
  • Not maintaining a journal: Successful predictions may emerge from sieving through the betting journal if the bettors have maintained it religiously. The betting journal tells about the successful bets, mistakes made, stronger sides, favorable bet size etc. So, the bettors lose knowledge about these important points if they don’t maintain a journal. 
  • Chasing the loss: It is the most common mistake made by the bettors mostly out of desperation to win or to get the lost money back. They tend to bet double or keep on betting till they achieve a win. It is not a sound approach as the bankroll is stressed because of such moves. Waiting for the right bet and picking the right strategy can help bettors make football tipsters.
  • Betting only at one site: Just like shopping around for a dress, the bettors should shop around for odds. Many bookmakers include the juice or vig or commission in the odd value. By sticking to one betting site only, the bettors miss on the other opportunities available around. Also, they may get bonuses and free bets when they register with different sites, which proves good for the bankroll too. So, taking a look at all odds available with different bookmakers can be a good move for scoring a successful bet. It is profitable from a financial perspective as well.
  • Betting with a foggy mind: Betting requires clear thinking and sound decision-making. When the bettors are high on spirit or taking a betting activity as a means to enjoy or back their favorite player only, they are bound to make costly mistakes. Thus, one should choose to bet only when sober. The foggy thinking may stop the bettor from analyzing the bet objectively which may lead to missing important information and a bad decision eventually.
  • Betting compulsively: There are bettors who are sucked into the betting process owing to its sheer charm and the adventure it offers. They tend to bet even when the conditions are not right or games are unknown. This tendency to bet compulsively causes lots of losses and makes a football bettor bankrupt sooner. Choosing sound discretion is very much important for making successful football predictions.
  • Taking only recent trends in account: Research on football matches should comprise considering both the recent development and historical records. Sometimes, a good team loses just because of a bad day, or due to a late goal. So, considering the winner as a strong team may not always be the right thinking. It is essential to compare the teams on technical superiority and ascertain whether they include game changers on the squad or not. Such an approach helps predicting football games successfully.
  • Making unrealistic expectations: While betting, banking too much on a single player or team or hoping for a miracle always can be a mistake. It leads to faulty investment on any bet and causes loss of money. Picking a crazy bet amount on a player thinking it to be a winner in all conditions is something to avoid. Hence, see what the numbers say and factor in the possibility of an upset and then choose the amount to bet.


When you are a beginner, you should follow an ideal path. This requires knowing about the common mistakes a football bettor makes. The bettors should invest wisely, choose few well-known games and pick a few bets only. They should keep their expectations real too. When in doubt, they can consider taking tips from experts at, where the research is the base of tips and the success rate of predictions is quite high. It helps avoiding mistakes and in making successful predictions on football games.

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