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Behind the Numbers: How Statistical Analysis Enhances Tipster Predictions

Enhances Tipster Predictions soccer

Football betting is not done on the basis of random choices. It involves research on the teams and players and a lot of number crunching. Though outcome is never final or known in advance, the chances of occurrence of a proposed event increase when the statistical analysis is done thoroughly.


Statistical analysis offers much-needed food for thought for making informed betting decisions. The bettors and bookies make use of statistical tools and algorithms and machine-learning based models to find out how the scene will unfold in a coming match. They keep their emotions aside and rely on statistical analysis and situational analysis to make accurate predictions. Here is how statistical analysis proves useful in enhancing accuracy of predictions.

  • Provide reasoning behind the tipster predictions

There are tipster sites that claim their predictions to be 90% more accurate. Still, one should do the homework thoroughly and not accept the prediction on its face value. The statistical analysis, when matching the tipsters’ predictions, offers the reason behind the guess made. It brings more credibility to predictions. The punters can perform statistical analysis by taking a look at the scoring pattern, number of home and away wins, usual scores achieved, frequency of drawn matches through the season etc. and then match the result with the predictions provided. Thus, the betting decision becomes more informed and may help the punter have a winning bet.

  • Helps identify the value in a bet

The bookies are humans too at the end of the day. They may make mistakes in assessing a situation. Some bookies rely heavily on predictive models which are entirely data-based. They fail to factor in the unpredictability of a match or an unforeseen injury or suspension happening on the field. As a result, they may inflate an odd. With the help of statistical analysis, the tipsters can identify if the odds are mirroring the situation correctly or not. It helps them pinpoint a difference in possibilities suggested by the bookies and the moneylines created by their own. So, the tipster prediction based on statistical analysis and situational outcomes get more edge.

  • Helps keep emotional biases aside

Tipsters find reliable support in patterns, statistical indicators, and trends emerging from the data. Football is a game where a lot of action  is seen throughout the year. Also, it is one of the oldest games that are known to mankind. Such prolific action has produced a lot of data which helps in building statistical and predictive models. These indicators paint a clearer picture based on the current and past performances’ analysis. Thus, the player bias or bias arising due to patriotism is removed from the decision-making process. It brings more accuracy to the tipsters’ predictions. This accuracy is visible in the form of high hit rate of the football tipsters.

  • Helps find most profitable betting markets

Tipsters don’t claim to be the master of all betting markets. They highlight a handful of betting markets in which they have attained expertise. This confidence in selected betting markets emerges from statistical analysis. By referring to the betting records, they can identify the betting markets where the results were mostly in their favor. Depending upon the results of the bet and the inferences from the statistical analysis, the tipsters may find betting markets that reflect their expertise. Some of the betting markets where the tipsters show expertise usually are Asian handicap, Over/Under, player props, correct score and so on.

  • Allows to participate confidently in in-play betting predictions

There are some betting markets that consist of in-play bets. These bets are those where the bettors and bookies are almost at the same level in terms of analysis. Since the events are to occur during an ongoing match, the punters and bookies have the same amount of time in hand. Still, the access to statistical analysis tools up the game in this case. The tipsters can provide an informed hint about the bets like next penalty shoot, next player to show a card, next team to score a goal when the statistical analysis reveals the play pattern of the teams. They can combine data with the abstract factors like motivation level, players’ temperament, referee’s decision-making styles, etc. and deliver quite accurate football predictions.

  • Helps differentiate weaker and stronger teams

The statistical analysis involves study of factors that govern a team’s performance on the whole. The study of data like shot accuracy, possession rate, number of assists, defensive strategy, etc. helps identify the strength of teams or their pain points. When the similar conditions emerge during the gameplay as those prevailed in past instances, the tipsters get close to making accurate predictions. They can have a fair idea of the teams’ strengths and give correct predictions on match result, total goals, Asian handicap and other difficult bets.

  • Clear information on team’s progress provided

The statistics help draw a pattern or trend. Due to the data crunching support, the tipsters can find whether a team’s game has improved or shown a downward trajectory. Thus, the current form becomes possible to find out with statistical analysis. The tipsters can choose to support a team based on the improvement in its game or may determine a side to be opposed by the analysis of their performance going south. Thus, the odds’ accuracy and value bets become easier to evaluate when the statistical data provides information about the team’s status. Based on the information about teams’ progress, the punters, too, can adjust their betting strategies and work around the solutions that prove profitable.


The statistical analysis brings a lot of sense to the football game that is largely governed by emotions and passion. Amidst all the chaos and unpredictability, the tipsters gain a solid ground to base their predictions upon with the help of data crunching. The tipsters at give due attention to statistical analysis and perform it with sophisticated tools. It helps them have high accuracy in results, which improves the revenue percentage of punters who follow the tips.

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