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Historical Data in Football Betting: How Past Match Statistics Inform Future Bets

Historical Data in Football Betting

Football betting is an age old recreational activity. The game is around since ages, which has resulted in creation of lots of statistics and data. This data can form the foundation for predicting the outcome of upcoming bet. One can find from historical data the information about team reputation, tournament reputation etc. and make informed betting decisions. Here is how.

Whenever you watch any match, the very first thing you know about it is the playing teams’ strength. How do you know it? The answer lies in the historical data. Various football tournaments are such where a few teams have ruled them for years. The dominance of big 6 (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Spur) in EPL is known to everybody. Such records lead the bettors to speculate the outcome of the ensuing game with added conviction. Let’s explore how historical data helps in gathering information about the upcoming bets.

Helps speculate upcoming match’s result

The historical data or past statistics highlight the details like home wins, role of key players in games, impact of crowd support and so on. The past statistics allows comparing two games played in different points in time. When similar conditions are found, the bettors can choose to go with stronger team. It helps them maximizing their chance of winning the bet like match result.

The tactical analysis and historical data analysis help understand a team’s approach towards any match. For example, the match is most likely to end in a draw when sharing a point does not cause any damage to the contending teams. It can be found out from the team’s position in points’ tally, the result of the past meetings or when the teams don’t have any past score to settle.

Helps identify the consistent winners

When a bettor wants to speculate the match result, the past statistics help a lot. The punters can find about the conditions in which the teams scored wins. The record of home wins, away wins, draw matches, etc. helps ascertain the consistency in a team’s performance.

While identifying a strong team, the historical data of the players is also studied. The players who are strong attackers or defenders can boost the morale of a team by their sheer presence. Also, their taking the lead in the match affirms the win of their side. Thus, the players’ historical data can help identify the strength of the current squad and their chances in the upcoming game.

Team performance metrics help ascertain strength

The past statistics pertaining to a player performance include metrics such as goals scored and conceded, assists given, possession rate and so on. Information about the cards received by the referee tells a lot about the player emotional quotient and discipline level too. So, analyzing this information can help identify the strength of a player. When a strong player is included in the team and is made to play at his favorite position, the condition becomes fruitful for guessing the outcome of the game correctly. Backing the team with a strong player can help the punters have higher chance at winning the bet.

Past statistics offer patterns and trends

Historical data is used by advanced betting tools to lay out patterns and trends, and use them in complex algorithms used for analyses of games. The bettors can learn to wield these tools and just input the names of the teams and get all the probable outcomes. A more refined approach become available to adopt when the tools’ findings are combined with situational analysis; it helps cover all the bases. So, the patterns and trends received from the past statistics help speculate the odd of the coming event. If the odds offered match the result of your research, you are eyeing at a bet which is quite likely to score you a win.

Helps develop a sound betting model

The betting sites use complex algorithms where the statistical data is integrated to generate reliable betting outcomes. This statistical data comes from mathematical calculations and analytical models. A number of aspects of the game are evaluated to generate the models and algorithm. The statistics helpful in developing algorithm are usually the facts like goals scored, possession rate, assists, pass accuracy, shots at target etc. These information pieces are put together and a betting model is generated that shows accuracy in predictions. Thus, the future bets become easy to predict and may help in generating profits with the help of statistics-based models.

Gives a scientific approach to betting

It is said that a bettor is not supposed to function on emotions. He has to keep only the numbers and facts in mind. The miracles happen rarely and when someone chooses to back an underdog, it has to be a completely informed decision. Just the idea of making it big from the bet can not be the sole deciding factor. Thus, the much-needed logic and science behind the decision is provided by the past statistics. The punters combine the patterns with situational analysis, also take into account the record of recent meetings between the teams in question and then build an opinion. Such approach results in better decisions, and reduces the risk of loss.

Provides insight over style and tactic of teams

The past statistics or historical data help determine the playing style of a team. If the teams are found to be adopting the winning style, or the style that has worked for them often, the punters can back them and hope for a winning bet. By taking a look at the data pertaining to attacks and defends, the bets like which team to score first, over/under bet and half-time/full-time result can be predicted with improved success rate.


Historical records help understand the play style, strength of the team and the patterns in winning and losing. Such records can be combined with the tips to gain more confidence while predicting the outcome of the bets. The tips at football prediction sites like are based on past performance and historical data analysis along with the current form analysis. So, these can be referred to for improving the success rate in betting.

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