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Late Goals and Comebacks: Unpredictable Elements in Football Predictions

Late Goals and Comebacks: Unpredictable Elements in Football Predictions

Football games are not easily predictable. Anything can happen till the last whistle, which can change the course of the game. The teams can show entirely different character in second half of the game. Thus, the punters should take into account the events like late goals and comebacks and assign money to the bet wisely.

What are late goals and comebacks?

When a goal is posted in the last few minutes of the game, it is called a late goal. The EPL is one tournament where the late goals are a common affair. There are five EPL teams which have scored goals beyond 80th minute, it is topped by Manchester City with 13 late goals to their credit.

Similarly, comebacks are the change in the style of the game from laid back to an aggressive one by a team. Due to comebacks, the team can regain the hold on the game and give some hope to their fans.

Such instances create nail-biting moments in the football game and also add to its unpredictability.

How late goals and comebacks are predicted

The close scrutiny of the teams’ playing style is required to predict the late goals and comebacks. Some teams tend to get hold on the game since the very start and try to dominate till the end. Such teams are stronger teams with good squad, good management and strong team form. They show such game when they are meeting in the field a relatively weaker team.

However, there are teams which work towards exhausting the opponent side first before taking the game in their complete control. These teams will show high possession rate during the first half of the game and will search for goal-scoring opportunities consistently throughout the game. When the other side fails to match the stamina and starts making mistakes, they take the advantage of the situation and create goal-scoring formations.

So, tactical analysis is needed to understand the possibility of late goals and comebacks in the football game.

Reputation of the tournament dictates comebacks and late goals

To ascertain the possibility of comeback or late goal, the researchers should take a look at the reputation of the tournament or on the importance of a match. If the tournament is a dream competition like UEFA Cup, Champions Trophy, EPL, etc., the teams tend to give their all to the games they play. They show aggressive moves, display technical superiority and adopt ‘never say die’ attitude throughout the game.

All teams reach the high reputation game after doing hard work and showing consistency and discipline in the field. So, the fire in them remains throughout the game, giving way to instances like comeback and late goals.

That is why, the late goals in the EPL have become a signature trend of this tournament and form a good reason for the punters to change their side when the odds for any game are moved by the bookies.

Winning strategy for betting on late goals

The late goals calls for situation when the punters can make the best from the betting opportunity. They can wait patiently for the match to unfold and let the odds move. When they find the odds to be having some value, they can choose to back the side that has a record for late goals. Thus, the backing strategy works when the players know which side will not be benefited from the match ending in a tie.

Understanding the trend or pattern of goals in the tournament and then picking the side to post a goal is another important strategy to consider. In EPL, it is found that more than 70% of the goals are posted in the last minutes of the game. So, it becomes beneficial when the punters take up live betting and wait for the odds to move as they expect. They can leave a room for the late goal in their betting strategy to make the best use of the comebacks for winning the bet or for deciding the betting amount for any bet.

10-minute lay betting strategy works when the draw bet is chosen. The punters need to have the knack for confirming that there will be no goals in the later part of the match to benefit from the 10-minute lay betting strategy. This strategy should be avoided when the underdog has created an upset in the first half of the match and scored a goal. It motivates the favorites to move with aggression in the second half and create a pressure by boosting its attacking side. If in such condition, odds move in favor of the underdog, the bettors can take chance by laying the odd.

Top tips for securing late goal betting profit

Securing profit in late goal betting can become possible when the punters have done in-depth study on team forms and the tendency of the teams to score goals during the match.

Pick the bet for late goal only when both teams are motivated to put the best show. It can be found from the meaning the match holds for them. Also, some workable strategies are:

  1. Focus on current match statistics: Take a look at the shot at target percentage, and corner range of the opposing side, to understand if the team has considerable goal-scoring ability or not.
  2. The derby matches: In these matches, the rivalry is very strong, which compels the players to keep trying to score a goal even till the end of the game. So, a late goal can be a high possibility in this game.
  3. Motivation level of the team: What is the back story of the game? It helps understand the motivation level of the teams. Favorite teams release the pressure for them by scoring an early goal and stay relaxed. So, late goal bet can be laid in this case.

To conclude,

The uncertainties are created with the possibility of late goals and comebacks. These should be taken into account while finding the underlying value in a bet. The tips available at can help the punters find the possibility of late goals and comebacks with conviction and design their betting plan accordingly.

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