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Strategic Analysis: 7 Tips for Successful Football Betting Predictions

Success in football betting is not easy to achieve, but can become a reality when strategic analysis is done correctly. The bettors can analyze the team composition, their play style, and other factors to understand how the team will strategize its moves against the opponent. By considering tips from the football prediction experts, the chance of succeeding in football betting can be improved.

Strategic Analysis is crucial to tasting success in sports betting. The punters need to don the researchers’ hat and find out the game style, team form, etc. to predict the football bets correctly. They can score frequent success in betting when they have chosen well-known teams to back and streamlined the spending on bets. Let’s take a look at the top 7 tips for successful football betting predictions which show the importance of strategic analysis. 

1. Choose data crunching over the emotions

Every player has a limited shelf-life. His performance is bound to fade away with time. So, the bettors need to refrain from giving into their loyalty towards the player and focus on performance patterns instead. They can do justice to the betting budget by placing money on the side that is currently strong and not on the one they backed in their college times. Only they are responsible for their bankroll, and so, it should be spent on the side that is displaying stellar performance lately.

The chance of succeeding in football betting increases when the punters evaluate home win and away win record, individual players’ assists and goals scored, and similar statistics. They have to focus on the numbers instead of their affinity towards a team or player and then make decisions accordingly.

2. Choosing the correct betting strategy

The bettors should maintain the record of their betting sessions and try to find a pattern emerging from those records. There can be instances of the number of wins appearing consequently before a loss is found in the record. What the conditions were when those wins were achieved can help connect dots and arrive upon a winning situation.

Also, there are some technical tools and strategies available that can help decide the betting move. For instance, the use of Kelly’s criterion can help in ascertaining the size of the upcoming bet. The bettors also employ Martingale’s strategy which demands them to double the size of bet when they lose one. It is to be followed with a lot of caution and only when the bettors have identified such bets where the winning probability is high.

The punters can visit the tipster site to find out about the upcoming bets. At these sites, they can get a tip on the outcome of an upcoming match. By matching the tipster result with their research, they can pick a winning bet and maximize their earnings from the tipped bet.

3. Tracking the bet record

Betting should not be done on fingers. The punters should maintain a proper record of the bets they place. It helps them find the amount they have lost or gained in the betting process. To get the best betting experience, the punters need to maintain bankroll besides choosing the bets wisely. This maintenance of bankroll becomes possible when they track the bets they made. It also allows them to decide when to take a break and prompts them to bet within limits.

The track record should also mention the teams backed, the result of the bet, etc. It gives an idea of the bets and players which prove lucky for the bettors mostly. Thus, they can plan to take more risk when similar conditions emerge in an upcoming bet.

4. Try change of strategy

Sticking to one type of bet and team may not prove fruitful always. Betting is all about taking chances. The punters should be open to trying new strategies and picking different teams depending upon the findings from their research. It allows them to pin down the effective strategies and also have different strategies in hand when needed. The ways that cost money should be replaced with winning ones and the more promising players or teams should be backed but after thorough analysis of their current performance and past history.

5. Make use of bet hedging

Online betting on football games has become a reality. It has made it possible for the bettors to bet on some chosen odds at different sites. Thus, they have the freedom to place money on different outcomes of the same bet. So, whatever happens on the field does not affect their bankroll as the hedged bet does earn them money irrespective of the outcome. The players can take advantage of bet hedging by placing more money on stronger teams and then laying the bet with a smaller amount to ensure winning the bet.

6. Analyze tournament ranking and pick side accordingly

The teams take different positions on the ranking chart based on the number of wins, losses and draws. Thus, the ranking chart is a clear indicator of teams’ strength. So, the very first thing one should consider is the rank of the team in the tournament and during the season. If the toppers are meeting the low-ranked teams, you have a clear winner on your radar. Similarly, when the match is between the teams placed in the middle, the chances of a draw are quite high. Thus, the strategy of choosing Over/Under bet, total-goal or BTTS delivers good results when ranking of teams is analyzed. 

7. Take tipster advice

Tipster sites provide tips on all the matches and they have records of the results of the bets they predicted. The experts at these sides have access to insider news, field news and are the masters of the game as well. Thus, their advice can be quite helpful in making correct football predictions and for choosing a betting strategy. 


Strategic analysis is helpful in making successful football predictions. With the help of form analysis, head-to-head records, knowledge of betting strategies and maintenance of betting records, the punters can maximize their chance of winning a bet. They can supplement their research with suggestions from experts at sites like to clear all doubts. The key to success lies in the ability to take calculated risks and making the best use of resources like betting sites, tipster sites, etc. Also, betting with reputed bookmakers helps a lot.

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