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Rumor: the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 can be up to 20% cheaper

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 cost $2,000/€2,000 at launch, later dropping to $1,800/€1,800 and now even less. Make no mistake though, it is still a very expensive device. There may be some good news on the horizon – rumor has it that the next generation of Galaxy foldables will be up to 20% cheaper at launch.

Note the “up to”. If Samsung does find a way to knock a fifth off the price, the Galaxy Z Fold3 will start at $1,600/€1,600. Expensive, yes, but it’s moving towards a more reasonable level. And this could push the prices of the Z Fold2 lower – it’s currently €1,535 in Germany, too close…


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