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Africloud is a financial technology (fintech) company that aims to provide financial convenience, security and inclusion through innovative state-of-the-art fintech products. The company targets products in paytech, bill payments and remittances.Responsibilities

Product Design and Development: the software engineer will be involved in the design and development of software solutions for the company. This involves the entire software development process, consisting of design, coding and testing of application.
Product Deployment/Integration & Testing: The software engineer will be responsible for deploying and integrating the app solutions developed by the company on platforms, stores and third-party API, to be accessible by target audiences.
Communication: the software engineer will successfully communicate technical requirements as well as any updates and progress on projects to other departments and parties in the company.
Network Infrastructure Design & Management/Maintenance: The software engineer will also suggest necessary requirements and updates to maintain efficient standards in the company and also provides technical support to all apps developed by the company.
Network/System Configurations: The software engineer will be responsible for configuring and troubleshooting the network and system infrastructure of the company. Network and system configurations must work to facilitate other information and communication solutions utilized by the company.
Database Design and Architecture/Maintenance: the software engineer will design and develop the database structure for the company and its products. The engineer will also be responsible for maintaining and retrieving data and information from databases as requested, while adhering to the required surety protocols.


BSc / BA in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field
Product Management certification a plus
Project Management certification a plus
IT certification a plus

Skills & Other Requirements:

Proven experience as a software developer, software engineering or similar roles
Knowledge & Understanding with relatable skills in some of the following technologies: HTML5 & CSS, JavaScript, Azure, Python, Blockchain, SQL, Oracle, Bootstrap, jQuery, FlexSlider, Apache Commons, Retrofit, AMP, Modernizer, Raven.js, Algolia, Cloudrail, Heap, Contentful
Strong Team work and collaboration skills
Strong Oral and Written communication skills
Proficiency in Graphic User Interface (GUI) design
Strong Understand and expertise in API development and integration
Strong Analytic and Problem-Solving Skills
Skills in cybersecurity and database management.

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