SMEs Can Get Their Business ‘Read’ By SA-based EXPLORE Insights

TechInAfrica – The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa can have their business analyzed with the power of the data analytics service released by EXPLORE Group.

The purpose of the service is to simplify significant information of a business’ state.

Dewald Botha, the head of EXPLORE Insights explains further the service capability.

“Building an internal analytics capability is expensive and complex. Our aim is to quickly, seamlessly, and affordably provide SMEs with valuable business insights enabling better business decision making and improving market competitiveness. We can provide an analytics platform that can deliver real-time insights for the business within 24 hours.”

“This is our flagship product offering – one that will provide a platform and real-time insights within 24 hours, on key data sources of companies,” Botha says.

“Our aim is to ensure that the client derives ongoing benefit from EXPLORE Insights’ intervention.”


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