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Uber and Lagos State Resolve Dispute Over Sharing of Real-Time Data After a Month-long Standoff

source: Uber (Apple)

Although a resolution on data-sharing has averted a disruption of service, dissatisfaction among drivers remains widespread. Many are urging Uber to reduce its 25% commission, while others highlight the growing challenges of driving, such as long lines at petrol stations and soaring inflation, which are undermining their earnings.

Drivers have leveled criticism at Uber for reducing fares.

Ibrahim Ayoade, the general secretary of the App-Based Transporters of Nigeria (AUATON), stated that the pricing structure is causing delays in securing rides. Another driver, Somoye Olalekan, noted that the low fares have driven him away from the platform. It has been reported that Uber drivers saw a 10% increase in their commission. However, Ayoade has refuted this, describing the increase as merely a temporary promotional effort that was not maintained.


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