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Winterveldt High School Embraces Technological Advancements in Learning

Speaker of Council, Cllr. Mncedi Ndzwanana, has collaborated with the Telkom Foundation, Tshwane North College (TNC), CoGTA, and Eskom to equip the students of Winterveldt High School with vital resources. The school was provided with 31 computers and 34 chairs, a critical step in preparing the youth of Tshwane for a future in the digital age.

This effort is part of the Speaker’s vision to foster a generation adept in technology. By working with respected entities like the Telkom Foundation, TNC, CoGTA, and Eskom, the Speaker is dedicated to enabling learners to thrive in a world dominated by technology.

The Telkom Foundation has marked a significant achievement in its quest to bolster community empowerment through its Connected Schools program. Judy, the Head of Telkom Foundation, highlighted the program’s substantial influence, which has reached over 7,000 learners and educators since its launch in 2017.

“Launched in 2017, the program has successfully supported more than 7,000 high school learners and educators across 21 schools in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng regions. Our comprehensive strategy includes academic support, psychosocial care, and crucial digital literacy skills, creating a robust foundation for excelling in subjects like mathematics, science, and English,” explained Vilakazi.

This initiative is a collaborative endeavor that involves education officials, advisors, teachers, and school leadership, all dedicated to fostering an optimal educational environment.

Councillor Mncedi Ndzwanana voiced his excitement about the initiative, emphasizing the critical need to prepare learners for future challenges. “Our learners represent the future leaders of our nation. It’s essential they have the necessary resources to succeed. I am deeply grateful to all the partners who have contributed to this project,” he said.

The excitement was evident during the official handover at Winterveldt High School, where Acting Principal and Deputy Principal Ubisse Simon Felix expressed deep appreciation for the computer donation. “We are privileged to receive these computers. Undoubtedly, they will greatly enhance our educational delivery, making the learning and teaching process much more efficient,” Felix remarked.


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