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Zambian Tech Minister Advocates for Pan-African Cooperation

Felix Mutati, Zambia’s Minister of Technology and Science, asserts that Africa is emerging as the new world, presenting numerous opportunities across the continent. At the 2024 Connected Africa Summit, Kenya’s President William Ruto emphasized the importance of unity among Africa’s IT leaders to drive digital transformation across the continent.

Kenya stands as a front-runner in adopting digital technologies, showcasing significant progress in the digital domain. Yet, the collective advancement of the continent is essential to harness the full potential of technological growth in Africa.

Zambia’s Minister of Technology and Science, Felix Mutati, expressed optimism about Africa’s future, describing it as the emerging new world brimming with opportunities. He highlighted the responsibility of both leaders and citizens to seize these emerging prospects.

Speaking with CIO Africa, Mutati concurred with President Ruto on the importance of collaboration among African nations for technological advancement in the region. He stressed the significance of reducing obstacles to cooperation, focusing particularly on issues like power. “Lowering barriers is crucial for fostering collaborations within the continent. We aim for a connected Africa that includes everyone,” the Zambian Minister remarked.

Mutati also shared insights from his discussions with other technology leaders from the continent who were present at the Connected Africa Summit 2024.

Kenya’s advancements in digital investment and transformation are truly leading the way in Africa. “I urge other tech leaders on the continent to remain open-minded, to learn from one another, and to collaborate,” he emphasized.

He also stressed the importance of timely cooperation, noting that the necessary steps for technological growth in Africa are already clear.

“We no longer have the luxury of time to devote to experiments and research; that phase is behind us. Let’s build on the existing foundation to reduce the need for further costly investments,” Mutati advised.

During his trip to Kenya, Minister Mutati toured the Africa Data Centres in Nairobi, emphasizing his intention to boost technological investments in Zambia. He highlighted the critical role of digital infrastructure in Africa’s digital transformation efforts.

“To build a competitive Africa, we need robust digital infrastructure that provides solutions. Data centres play a crucial role as they form a key component of the digital infrastructure we are focusing on,” he stated.


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