The Falconeer: Warrior Edition won’t be arriving on Playstation 5 and PlayStation 4 until August 5, but the trophy list for both platforms has now been revealed on Exophase. Those familiar with the game on Xbox won’t find any surprises as the trophy list is exactly the same as the achievement list. However, the Edge of the World expansion pack arriving on the same day as the game appears not to add any trophies to the list.

The “ocean-world fantasy aerial combat RPG” puts players in control of armed giant warbirds as warring factions vie for control of the land of The Great Ursee. While not taking to the skies, there’s an entire bestiary of creatures to control on land and sea too. All DLC and game updates released for the Xbox version will be included with the Warrior Edition, including The Kraken, The Hunter, and Atun’s Folly. The brand new Edge of the World expansion will also be released on August 5 and will include a new story, more side quests, new locations, and a “myriad” of new items.

The trophy list features 30 trophies, including the coveted Platinum. The trophies are a mix of story-progression, helping different factions, races, combat, upgrading your falcon, and thorough exploration of the main game. Like the Xbox list, there are no trophies for any of the DLC released so far. It also appears that there won’t be any additional trophies for the upcoming Edge of the World expansion either. The list does include some spoilers so read on at your own risk.

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition Trophy List

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition Platinum Trophy

  • Sky Captain – Unlocked all trophies

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition Gold Trophies

  • Where all paths lead – Complete the Oberon’s Reach chapter
  • Precious Cargo – Complete the Epilogue
  • Wind in the hair and song in your heart – Buy all chants from the seachantresses
  • Falcon Collector – Purchase all 5 falcon types from races
  • A friend to all – Unlock all permits in every campaign

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition Silver Trophies

  • Bomb’s Away! – Complete the Cleftspire chapter
  • Enemies at the gate – Complete the Shard chapter
  • Weird science – Fill all mutagen slots for your Falcon
  • The Free Life – Convert a fortified position for the Pirates
  • Racing Champ! – Clock the fastest time on all 5 racecourses
  • World historian – Discover all the shrines and temples
  • What’re ya buyin? – Find both biochemists and the weapons trader
  • Many tales to tell – Find all 3 seachantresses
  • Preparing for a fight – Buy a new type of weapon
  • Ace of Aces – Take down 10 air targets in one mission
  • Steel Surgeon – Destroy 15 turrets in one mission
  • Emissary from the Deep – Sink 3 ships in one mission

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition Bronze Trophies

  • It’s my first day – Complete the Prologue
  • Possibly the worst pirate I’ve ever seen – Complete the Dunkle chapter
  • In another life… – Return to the scene of the Nodbomb blast
  • For the Imperium! – Convert a fortified position for the Imperium
  • Follow the Path! – Convert a fortified position for the Mancer Order
  • One bird race – Clock fastest time on a racecourse
  • Casual archaeologist – Discover a shrine or a temple
  • Impenetrable Walls – Find all the fortified locations
  • Mortar and Concrete – Find all Imperial locations
  • Sea Folk – Find all Civilian Free House locations
  • Locked away – Find all Mancer locations
  • Ace in a day – Take down 5 air targets in one mission

Will you be going for The Falconeer Platinum?

[Source: Exophase]

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