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What is web hosting?


Web Hosting Definition and Meaning.This is when a web hosting provider or company gives space on the web server for a website files to be stored

The web server makes it possible for the website files to be seen online through the internet.

There are 4 major kinds of hosting types

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

How does web hosting affect page speed

One major requirement for any website is page load speed.This is paramount to the success of any blog and is a direct determinant for good User experience and invariably page ranking and SEO.

It is important to note here that without much technical know how, your web-hosting provider can be of significant help and assistance to ensuring your success online.

With good management and customer relationship they will guide you through difficult periods with your site and help manage certain task for you at your request.

Choosing a good web hosting company in this sense is not just to place your website files online but also to have good customer relationship and beautiful packages to enhance your site.

Does hosting affect speed?

Yes ,i will highlight a few points here.


Content delivery network is a system of load balancing.Ensuring that your site loads fast.By so doing your site is connected to different data centers world wide.It routes your site traffic through smart global network to optimize the delivery of your site.

Whenever your site is loaded , traffic will be directed to the closest data center nearest to site visitors to ensure your site is up at record time.

Some web hosting providers include this system in their packages. Even if not stated categorically it may be part of their methods in ensuring quick page load.

There will only be a clause to this if your web-server is down!

Some good web-hosting services provide CDN features and load balancing systems.This system is any known as an Any Cast system where visitors are directed that the DNS server located closest to them.


Caching Systems

Certain web hosting companies provide caching sytems to increase page speed load to their clients.This methods include..

MEM Cache:

This is a system that keeps the my SQL database in memory during page loads which enhances faster access to site visitors.

Turbo Cache

This loads all HTML content on the site without running PHP.

OP Cache

Creates 50% faster PHP response times

To improve on page speed some web hosting services engage with Solid State Drives (SSDs) which is a flash technology that enables data to be accessed faster.It creates faster performance for websites.

Some old hosting services may use Hard disk driver (spinning disk) to access data which is a slower model of operation.

Other Hosting Performance for speed includes Multi server hosting , cloudflare load balancing system which they may offer as part of their services.

So you see they may be a misconception that web hosting has no role to play in page load speed.It sure does.If you incorporate your page speed effort with using a good web-hosting service you sure should be a winner in gaining page speed , better user experience and page ranking.

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