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WordPress SEO and Site Migrations with Arsen Rabinovich – Ep. 224 via @sejournal, @brentcsutoras

In this episode, Loren Baker talks with Arsen Rabinovich, Founder & Managing Partner at TopHatRank, about WordPress SEO, often overlooked SEO issues, site migrations, and much more. Here is the entire transcript of the show (please excuse any transcription errors) : Loren Baker: And we are live. Hi everybody. This is Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal. And with me I have Dr. Arsen Rabinovich 404 error. Are you the real Arsen Rabinovich: Rabinovich. Say Rabinovich properly. Rabinovich. Loren Baker: Rabinovich. Rabinovich. Arsen Rabinovich: Say it like a Russian. Loren Baker: Did I pronounce that- Arsen Rabinovich: Rabinovich. Loren […]

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